<pre><pre>Miami Heat released her on maternity leave, according to a lawyer

A former lawyer on the Miami Heat basketball team is suing the franchise for allegedly being released on maternity leave.

Vered Yakovee, who was released by the team in December, filed a lawsuit before a federal court, claiming that team officials violated U.S. family and sick leave law, the Miami Herald reports.

Yakovee, who joined the team in 2015 as Vice President and Associate General Counsel, claims her position has decreased following approval for the adoption of a child. She then applied for parental leave after being informed about a newborn by an adoption agency in July.

This prompted the team's chief lawyer, Raquel Libman, to announce her "displeasure" about Yakovee's looming free time, the lawsuit said.

"I definitely can't go on vacation now," said Libman in a suit.

Yakovee claims that Libman later greeted her with "contempt and hostility" when she returned from maternity leave in October, including canceled meetings and complaints to other employees about her.

The lawyer then dealt with the alleged treatment of the team's president, Eric Woolworth, who refused to appoint a neutral investigator to investigate her harassment claims under the lawsuit.

Yankovee was finally released after taking an approved sick day in December to take her baby to the doctor. She also refused to sign a severance agreement.

A message requesting comment from the team's media director, Rob Wilson, was not immediately returned on Friday.