Millions struggle amid delays in incentives and unemployment


Jessa Lewis is an independent single mother. She is still waiting for unemployment and stimulus Money. “It will definitely be frustrating and it will be more stressful every day,” said Lewis.

She is about to stay three months behind the rent, can barely afford food, and tries to sell a work of art that she likes to sell to raise money. The reason why millions like Lewis are still waiting is for a change of address or bank account since their last tax return, wrong bank account payments, or a delay for those who haven’t submitted taxes.

Customers can track the federal money from the Get my payment tool on the IRS website. By entering your social security number and address, you can find out when to expect payment and add information about making a direct deposit.

Jessa Lewis

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“We put our heart and soul into this business and we feel like we’re finally seeing the rainbow – and you know that happened,” said Robin, who owns Robins Snowflake Donuts & Cafe, a donut shop five employees in the Houston area.

Robin is also waiting, but money from that Paycheck Protection Program To help businesses expired before she could get any.

“I feel like we’ve been through so much that we’ve put our savings into this place,” she said.

For small businesses like Robins Donut Shop, it will be an anxious wait, but $ 310 billion can be used up quickly, even within a week.

Robin from Robins Snowflake Donut & Cafe

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