Missing from the history books? Manchester United forgets Norman Whiteside's record

<pre><pre>Missing from the history books? Manchester United forgets Norman Whiteside's record

Norman Whiteside won the FA Cup with Manchester United in 1983 and 1985

Do you ever feel like you've forgotten something?

There was someone in Manchester United's case after Marcus Rashford tweeted that he was the third youngest player to reach 200 games for the club on Saturday.

Rashford thought he was behind George Best and Ryan Giggs to reach the landmark, but they all seemed to have forgotten Norman Whiteside.

Whiteside turned out to be the youngest of the game to hit the 200 mark at 21 years and four months.

Fortunately, his wife Dee quickly discovered the mistake.

She also referred the club's official app editor, Mark Froggatt, to the mistake and jokingly asked him to "do your homework".

Froggatt replied on Twitter: "Hello Ms. W., I apologize to you and Norm. The research results incorrectly miss him in the list. I will update accordingly. I hope you have a nice weekend."

Dee replied, "Ha ha Mark, thank you very much … we have a nice day at Whiteside Towers … sorry we have to send you back to work on a Sunday!"

Whiteside made his Manchester United debut in 1982, breaking Pele's youngest World Cup record that same year when he represented Northern Ireland at a tournament in Spain at the age of 17 and 41 days.

He won two FA Cups with United and played a total of 274 games for the club before moving to Everton in 1989.

Age at 200th game for Manchester United
Norman Whiteside: 21 years and four months
George Best: 21 years and seven months
Ryan Giggs: 21 years and nine months
Marcus Rashford: 22 years and two months
Cristiano Ronaldo: 22 years and eight months
Wayne Rooney: 22 years and 11 months
Bobby Charlton: 24 years and four months