MLB is considering on-field technology to stop sign stealing

MLB considering the on-field technology

MLB considering the on-field technology

Max Scherzer delivers a pitch against the Houston Astros. (Mike Ehrmann / Getty)

To prevent the alleged theft of signs that overshadowed Houston Astros' victory in the 2017 World Series, Major League Baseball is considering introducing new technology to the field, including lights on the hill Thrower could belong.

In addition to the lights in the hill that the catcher controls with a device and would only be seen by the launcher, according to Yahoo, MLB is working on a portable random number generator that encrypts the communication between the launcher and the catcher.

Earpieces with which pitchers and catchers can communicate directly have already been tested on minors, but players wearing the prototype devices found them distracting and uncomfortable.

"This industry-wide paranoia that has arisen from technology and the use of character theft technology has, in my opinion, accelerated discussions about the development of a communication device between pitcher and catcher," a source told the league of the publication.

The goal of the technology is not only to help pitchers and catchers communicate more covertly, but also to speed up the communication process and eliminate the tedious process of communicating characters, speeding up the pace game and shortening the playing time.

If it all sounds like it's a little too much, don't worry. Much remains to be done before these potential changes or technologies can be implemented.

"These are things that need real testing, first and foremost on the security and then the integrity of the devices and then the impact they will have," the league source told Yahoo. "Will it speed up the game? Will it slow it down? How will it change the game? [But] I think we'll have a technological solution someday. "

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