MLB presents Red Sox 2018 World Series team with a scandal that steals characters

<pre><pre>MLB presents Red Sox 2018 World Series team with a scandal that steals characters

Another Yankees rival is in hot water due to alleged high-tech bullying.

Major League Baseball will investigate allegations that the 2018 Red Sox that won the World Series have illegally stolen signs electronically this regular season. The investigation is conducted, according to a report by The Athletic, citing three team members who said (on anonymity terms) that "at least some players" used the video replay room in the middle of the game to decrypt the opponent's signs. At this point, a team member could run to the dugout and tell a runner what he had learned on the first or second basis. The latter, in turn, was able to decrypt the catcher's signs and forward the information to the strike.

There is no evidence that the sign theft system was in effect in the postseason 2018. MLB provided full-time monitors in the replay room for the playoffs. The Red Sox eliminated the Yankees from the 2018 American League Division Series.

"We have recently been made aware of allegations of inappropriate use of our video viewing room," said a Red Sox statement on Tuesday. "We take these allegations seriously and will fully cooperate with MLB to investigate the matter."

Although the history of Athletic also mentions that the Yankees did similar spying during the 2015 season, Commissioner Rob Manfred sees September 15, 2017 as his line of demarcation for punishing teams and malefactors. Therefore, the Yankees do not appear to be in this line of fire. That day, when he fined the Red Sox for using an Apple Watch to illegally transmit stolen signals in a game against the Yankees, Manfred said the offenders were progressing with more dramatic penalties such as losing draft picks would be punished.

MLB completes a similar, high-profile investigation of the Astros, who is accused of using a video monitor near its shelter to steal the catcher's signals from a camera in the middle, and then throwing a trash can into the code to throw the batter over it pitch to be informed. Former Astros launcher Mike Fiers responded to The Athletic with this allegation, and video evidence emerged courtesy of social media expert Jomboy to back up the allegation in a game played on September 21, 2017. The 2017 Astros eliminated the Yankees in the AL Championship Series on the way to becoming the Dodgers in the World Series.