MMA fighter Pat Sabatini has a broken arm because he refuses to stop

<pre><pre>MMA fighter Pat Sabatini has a broken arm because he refuses to stop

MMA star Pat Sabatini suffered a cruel arm fracture when he refused to fight James Gonzalez in the Cage Fury Fighting Championship title fight.

The 29-year-old lost his featherweight title only 46 seconds in the first round after the referee immediately abandoned the competition.

Sabatini had been expected to do an easy job for his opponent with Gonzalez, 29, and to start the fight in just six days.

The duo went from head to toe from the first bell, and the challenger was sent to the big screen before wrapping his legs around the defending champion's throat.

After Sabatini slipped out of his maneuver, Gonzalez immediately clung to his arm, where he tightened his grip and began to turn it backwards.

Sabatini's arm snapped – much to the horror of the audience – when Gonzalez immediately alerted the referee, who quickly moved in to stop the fight.

It later turned out that Sabatini had not only suffered a broken arm, but also a suspected dislocation on the shoulder and elbow.

The fans booed the new champion Gonzalez after the result, when ring announcer CM Punk asked the partisans to calm down.

After the encounter, Gonzalez said, "First I want to say I wish this hadn't happened. I wish he could have knocked and saved his arm from breaking like that.

"I respect Pat Sabatini, he's been on the track with me since I started and I always thought I would fight him earlier, but we fought tonight and that's what happened.

"I wish him a speedy recovery and that's all I have to say about it. I tried to get as many fights as possible.

"It's really hard to find guys who want to fight me in both weight classes, and I think you saw why."