Mobile Messaging Attentive Launches $ 70 Million


Less than half a year after the announcement of $ 40 million, Attentive raised another $ 70 million, this time in Series C.

The new round was led by Sequoia and IVP, two companies that were already part of the B series. Former investors Eniac Ventures and NextView Ventures also participated.

CEO Brian Long (who, along with his attentive Co-founder Andrew Jones, who had sold his previous startup TapCommerce to Twitter, told me that he wasn't planning to raise money again anytime soon, but things were going better than expected as a customer list has grown to over 750 companies. These include Coach, Urban Outfitters, CB2, PacSun, Party City and Jack in the Box.

Long noticed that it is always wiser to raise money when things float than to deal with the “not so entertaining process” to try to raise “when you really need it”.

He added, “When you see that you're doing well, think, 'Hey, we should hire a lot more people to support this growth. & # 39; And then the other part can only penetrate new areas faster. "


Success was attributed for a long time. So far, Attentive had recognized the growing importance of text messaging as a channel for businesses to reach consumers, especially as they are less inclined to open marketing emails or download retailers' mobile apps. Unlike broader messaging platforms, Long says, Attentive focuses on "just getting this channel right".

He said the platform is designed to solve the main problems retailers face when trying to develop a mobile messaging strategy – first by helping them build a text subscriber list in a compliant manner, and then by offering the ability to send messages that frankly I'm not going to annoy people. "

"We want the news to be relevant to the consumer and we want to send them things that matter to them," said Long on-sale … There is a lot of data that you can put into action to scale it up to process. "

Looking to the future, he hopes to expand beyond the United States and Canada and expand into industries beyond electronic commerce – such as more traditional retail – and also work with universities that want to attract more applicants.

"The growth of Attentive is clear evidence that people want to interact with brands in new ways, and brands use messaging as an effective way to reach consumers," said Sequoia partner Pat Grady in a statement. "We are delighted to double our partnership with Attentive so they can continue to deliver fantastic results for their customers and valuable experiences for consumers."

Attentive has now raised a total of $ 124 million.