exceeded an ARR of $ 130 million prior to the boom in remote work


This member of the $ 100 million ARR club keeps surprising

As a flattening effort The proliferation of COVID-19 is forcing employees out of their offices, and remote work is becoming increasingly popular.

Known distance-friendly companies like Zoom seen an increase in usagewhile Slack has already reported that it is convert successfully new users into paying customers, which increases its growth rate.

The pandemic creates economic and social upheavals, but for one specific cohort of software companies For distributed teams to work together, it has proven useful from a business perspective. But even before the outbreak of the novel corona virus, executives from an outstanding project management company, reported by TechCrunch HQ, spoke to the equity crew about their business and growth:

What does an interview with Eran Zinman (co-founder and CTO) of and Roy Mann (CEO) have to do with COVID-19? Well, if the productivity-friendly Slack and Zoom services see an increase in usage due to the changes, is likely to benefit from similar profits. During our conversation with the company’s brass, the couple told TechCrunch that the company had surpassed the $ 130 million in recurring income (ARR) mark by mid-February. Add a COVID 19 usage spurt, and’s growth (which has no free tier) may accelerate.

Earlier announced it had hit the ARR $ 120 million mark, and TechCrunch had made it into the ARR club earlier this year at $ 100 million.

The expansion of sales was not our only topic. We also talked to the two executives about the cost of customer acquisition and how to run a SaaS business without terrible combustion. The crew had more news up their sleeve, such as when they expect the unicorn to generate positive cash flow.

We cut out more of the interview than usual to share, as there is a lot to do:

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