Mosquito Takeover in Your Property? Here’s How to Remove Them

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Mosquitoes are some of the most annoying colonizing pests in the world. These little flying bugs are known for their ability to multiply so quickly that when not checked, it becomes impossible to control. Quality pest control Vancouver service will tell you how much of a problem these small beings can be.

Most cities in Canada being very humid and cold, give mosquitoes the best opportunity to grow their populations. Once you have a few of them in your property, next thing you know, you have a mosquito takeover happening. However, a mosquito takeover can yet be everted and stopped in time too.

Locate and Remove Any and All Standing Water

Mosquito populations thrive on standing water. Females lay their eggs in shallow standing water with most staying on the surface. Only a small dish with half an inch-deep water in it can be the perfect egg laying colony for mosquitoes. On the average, eggs take 8 to 10 days for adult mosquitoes to emerge.

Standing Water Is Actually Very Commonly Found Everywhere

It doesn’t take much for standing water to accumulate everywhere around or in houses and other buildings. Places like Vancouver, Surrey and others in Canada where it rains or snows a lot, standing water can be everywhere.

Garden areas are particular mosquito hosts as homeowners’ water their lawns and any trees. Kids playing in the yar or hardened places with water can give rise to standing water too. There can simply be many sources of standing water that all need to be eliminated. These may include:

  • Pet drinking bowls or dishes
  • Plantation pots or vases
  • Watering cans in the garden
  • Pools or bathing arrangements outdoors
  • Open water offering for birds
  • Air condition water outlet areas
  • Trash or bin areas in the backyard
  • Little spaces near walls
  • Potholes in the garden or on the pavement
  • An open tire in the yard or garage accumulating water
  • Many other places and spots

Everywhere where there is standing water, can become mosquito breeding grounds. Even the smallest puddles of water left unchecked can be quite enough for mosquitoes to lay eggs. Examining all these areas and any other water-tight places that may usually get overlooked must be checked.

Replace Standing Water Where You Have to Have It

Also, there can be some places where you will need to have some standing water. Bird baths and wading pools are some such places and also some more in the yard. Keeping in mind the 8 to 10 days cycle for mosquito emergence, you must replace standing water regularly. To be on the safe side, 3-day water replacement is a good practice. Old water can go directly to watering plans purpose in the garden. Doing this, you will eliminate mosquito eggs exposing them to direct environment effects where they die out quickly. Eliminating eggs will slow down their population growth quite efficiently.

Fix Water Leaks and Cover Exposed Areas

Rain and storm water can accumulate in so many places that some can easily be missed. For this, your pest control Surrey service will tell you to cover all exposed areas around the house. Of course, you will not be covering the backyard or lawn fully. Yet, whatever part you can cover will not have standing water puddles from rain.

Also, water leaks in outdoor hoses or drain pipes is a big concern. You must fix all water leaks and not let water collect anywhere at all. Even a garden or lawn water leak can sometimes collect water in places you don’t want. It is important to eliminate any water collection chambers or puddles to keep mosquitoes from taking over your property.

Keep Your Trash Area Dry and Tidy

Water in trash area that is food contaminated multiplies mosquito population growth. There, mosquitoes will have a place to lay and hatch eggs and will have food sources near them as well. Making sure that your trash area stays dry and free from water puddles is the best way to go.

Any cardboard or plastic waste that might collect water must be tidied up. The whole waste bins can be perfect mosquito breeding grounds. Closed lid waste bins can also house many mosquitoes inside them when not cared for. Develop and maintain a waste strategy that tidies everything up regularly.

Get a Full Pest Removal Service Appointment

All these mosquito control techniques are great when you are starting from a mosquito-free property. When they have already taken control of your home or building, you will definitely need pest control services. Professional pest and mosquito removal experts will make your home fully mosquito free.

Proper mosquito elimination techniques and materials will be needed. You will need to stay out of your house for some hours leaving it for the pest control service to spray mosquitoes out. Their sprays will kill most of the mosquitoes residing in your home and force the rest out.