Mother angry after daycare writes message on toddler's belly with marker

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The mother adds that writing a message could have been the same task by writing it on the child's diaper rather than on his skin.

Mother angry after daycare writes message on toddler's belly with marker
Photo credit: Screengrab from Facebook post.

An angry mother used social media to write a message on her son's stomach in a daycare center.

Heather, a single mother of two, discovered the message with a green pencil when trying to change her toddler Milo diapers, Daily Mirror UK reported.

Then she wrote on Facebook how the daycare center sent her daily reports on the behavior of her two children, whether they had to refill diapers or towels.

She says that she may have missed the previous day's message asking for diapers, and then received the alarming message on Milo's torso.

The message read: "Mom, I have no more diapers, please read my report." What added to her anger was that the ink was difficult to remove.

The American mother also posted a picture of the message after scrubbing it. The message was still visible even after repeated scrubbing.

Heather goes on to say that she met several teachers when she picked up her children. Even if she hadn't seen the message, each of the teachers could have delivered it personally.

She adds that if writing a message was the mission, the same thing could be done by writing it on the child's diaper and not on his skin.

The mother said she would go to the daycare the next day and have "a few words."

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