Mr. Met helps open the Bloomberg campaign office in Queens

<pre><pre>Mr. Met helps open the Bloomberg campaign office in Queens

The big-headed, iconic New York Mets mascot – Mr. Met – will help presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg play political hardball.

Mr. Met will be present to prepare for the opening of the new Bloomberg campaign office on Thursday evening at 39-36 Bay Boulevard in Bayside, Queens.

While Mr. Met is not an official confirmation from the Mets organization, he is a beloved lucky charm who knows that Amazon's things can happen both in a political campaign and on the baseball diamond.

And if Bloomberg isn't elected, the die-hard Mets fan might be interested in the billionaire, the former triple mayor of New York City, acquiring the Amazins.

Recently, the deal for hedge finder Steve Cohen to buy the team has apparently broken up.

In the meantime, Bloomberg will accept important recommendations at the opening.

Queen's legislature, Paul Vallone, will be the first New York City Council to support Bloomberg's candidacy, along with Queen State Assembly MP Clyde Vanel.

"The unprecedented prosperity that we have enjoyed is a direct result of the decisions and leadership that our previous mayor Mike Bloomberg made," said Vallone.

“He knew that prioritizing economic development was vital to meet the needs of every citizen. He asked each of us to do our best to make our city prosper and to do the same as our President. So I'm proud to be President with Mike Bloomberg. "

Vanel said: “As a community lawyer, I admire his passion for causes such as gun violence and climate change. As an entrepreneur, I respect his ability to create thousands of jobs. And as an elected official, I appreciate his ability to get things done.

"As the political climate in Washington continues to deteriorate, we need a president like Mike who can bridge the gap and work for all Americans."