My 7 favorite free SEO tools to get page 1 rankings on Google


My 7 favorite free SEO tools to get ranked n. ° 1 on Google | SEO takes too much time to do it manually, and if you don't automate a large part of your SEO job, you don't need to break the bank to do it. During the last sixteen years of being an SEO, I discovered the right tools to help you rank as number one on Google. Today, I am going to share my seven favorite free SEO tools that will help you enter Google page one.

Mailchimp –
ConvertKit –
Ubersuggest –
MozBar –
Reddit –
Quora –
Yahoo! –
Panguin –
Dial Assistant –
Ubersuggest keyword ideas –

Now, before immersing myself in the tools, I will divide them into three main categories. They will be keyword research, then I will go into link building and then technical SEO.

Then the tools will fit into one of those three categories. So, let's start first with keyword research.

The first tool I have for you is Fox FAQ. Most people think only as keywords instead of thinking about the problem.

When someone searches for a new phone, they may not be satisfied with their previous phone. When someone searches for a mathematical equation, they probably don't know the solution, therefore, they are looking for it.

Frequently Asked Questions Fox finds you questions that people want answered based on the specific site they want to get information from.

The second tool I have for you is Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas. Ubersuggest has recently expanded its database from a simple keyword tool where it only has basic terms, initial terms such as marketing, to now more than 1.2 million suggestions per keyword.

My favorite feature in the Keyword Ideas Report is the Comparisons Report, and the reason is that it will give you all the keywords based on the comparison.

Usually, when someone searches for keywords based on the comparison, such as "Mailchimp versus ConvertKit," they have already determined that they will make a purchase.

The question is, what solution will they make?

Now, with Ubersuggest, it also shows you the search volume, the difficulty paid, the organic difficulty, and even shows you all the other sites you are ranking, as well as the amount of backlinks you have, as well as the social actions.

The second category of tools that I have for you is related to link building. One of my favorite tools is a MozBar.

Then, the more authority these sites have and the more relevant they are, and when they link to you, it will be much better than, say, if Joe the Plumber linked with you.

See, with MozBar, every time you visit a website, you will be informed about the authority of your domain and the authority of your page. It's great to know which sites you should focus on when it comes to creating links to which sites you should ignore because it's simply not worth the time and effort.

The next tool I have for you is Ubersuggest backlinks. It is another great tool!

All you have to do is go to Ubersuggest, type a URL, click the backlinks button in the left navigation. When you do, you will see the Backlinks Report. It will tell you the domain score of the site. It will indicate the authority of all the URLs that link to that site. It will even tell you the anchor text, the growth of the link over time, how many new links are being exceeded every day and how many links are lost every day.

You will even see the anchor text. You will even see things like how many links you don't follow have a website versus follow, when these links first came to that site, when they link. You will see when the link is also lost, the exact date.

Now, for what I mainly use the Ubersuggest Backlinks Report is to write the URLs of my competitors, see which pages of your site are popular, what most links get, and I usually start from there.

The third category of tools I have for you is related to technical SEO. So, let's start with the Panguin tool.

The next tool I have for you is a structured data markup assistant.

Look, if you want to maximize your voice traffic, more than 50% of searches are now voice based, this will help. If you want things like rich snippets, if you want those star ratings, you need Structure Marking.

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