MY REVENUE BLOGGING INCOME !!! How much money I earned as a part-time blogger and my blogging strategy


Have you ever wondered how much money you could earn on blogs?

I have read the income reports of some of MEGA's bloggers and, honestly, it can be a bit overwhelming. Exciting and motivating, absolutely! But also overwhelming.

So I share how much money I made by blogging part-time in 2019.

Keep in mind:

* I still work as an emergency paramedic
* I have two children (one is in daycare one day a week, the other is in school)
* We have spent the last year renovating our house (as a complete and important renovation)
* Now I have two people that I have hired to help me with Project Hot Mess

It is difficult to report exact numbers due to fluctuations in exchange rates between US dollars and Australian dollars, so I have done my best to share them with you.

Also keep in mind that with this income I still have to pay the income tax, which takes into account the income that I get from my other job as well, so it is approximately 37%.

I also have to pay to keep the site / s running, including costs such as web hosting, email list hosting, automation services and product delivery services, to name a few.

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If you are interested in more blog content / make money, let me know. As I said, I LOVE to talk about this, but I want to make sure I'm talking about all the things YOU want to hear!

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