Myles Garrett doubles on Mason Rudolph's claim

<pre><pre>Myles Garrett doubles on Mason Rudolph's claim

Myles Garrett does not back away from his claim Mason Masonolph used a racist bow before a fight in which he hit the Steelers quarterback over his head in November with his own helmet.

"He called me the N-word," Garrett said to "Outside The Lines" during an interview that aired on ESPN on Thursday evening. "He called me a & # 39; stupid N-word & # 39 ;."

The Browns' defensive end was resumed on Wednesday by the NFL after receiving an indefinite suspension for tearing off Rudolph's helmet and beating him with it. It resulted in Garrett missing six games, losing more than $ 1 million in salary, and being fined $ 45,623.

Garrett first alleged that Rudolph used a racial fraud to suspend him during the appeal hearing in late November, but said he never intended it to go public. Then Brown's head coach Freddie Kitchens said at the time he believed Garrett's report of the fight. Rudolph refused to use any kind of bow and called it "completely wrong". The NFL said it had found no evidence that the quarterback had used a bow.

Garrett sees things differently.

During the ESPN interview, he accused Rudolph of starting the fight, claiming that he had "triggered something" that Garrett wanted to "let go" and "leave". Things continued to escalate.

"But when he came back, it rekindled the situation," said Garrett. "And not only have things escalated beyond what they had to be with so little time in the game, you're trying to get involved and start a fight again. It's definitely not entirely his fault, it is are definitely both parties doing something we shouldn't have done.

"I don't say the N word if it's" a ". [or] "Um." For me personally, one should simply not say whether it is from family, friends or anyone. I don't want to use it because I don't want it [people to] find it fitting around me so everyone can use it. "

The incident disciplined 33 players from the NFL and fined $ 732,422, including $ 250 for each franchise.