NASA scientists notice water in Jupiter's atmosphere


Washington DC: NASA astronomers recently revealed that our neighborhood gas giant Jupiter contains water in its atmosphere, albeit in a fraction.

According to a statement on the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's website, nearly 0.25 percent of Jupiter's atmosphere is made up of water, especially in the equatorial regions, Fox News reported.

This finding, which was published in the Nature Astronomy Journal, was based on data from the Juno spacecraft, which was launched in 2011 and entered Jupiter in 2016.

Juno chief investigator Scott Bolton said in the NASA article: "Juno's surprising discovery that the atmosphere was not well mixed even under the cloud cover is a mystery we still want to find out. Nobody would have guessed that water was there could." be so variable across the planet.

"The exact number was derived from the information obtained from Juno's eight fly-overs around the planet." We have found that the water in the equator is larger than what the Galileo probe measured, "said Cheng Li of the University of California, a scientist involved in the Juno mission.

"Since the equatorial region at Jupiter is very unique, we have to compare these results with the amount of water in other regions," added Cheng Li.

Astronomers have been trying to figure out Jupiter's water content for decades, and this riddle "represents a critical missing piece of the puzzle of how our solar system was created".