<pre><pre>Nationals' Kurt Suzuki supports Yankees: Astros whistle in the World Series

The Astros' insincerity is not the only reason why they don't apologize enough.

When investigating Houston's sign-stealing program, MLB found evidence that Houston had used illegal methods during its run to the franchise's first World Series title in 2017 and parts of 2018. MLB did not report any inappropriate results last year, although it is generally suspected The Astros continued to use the system and focused on allegations that Jose Altuve was carrying an electronic device while meeting his Aroldis Chapman pennant winner.

The Yankees believe they have been cheated on in the ALCS for the second time in three years. The Nationals believe it almost cost them their first World Cup, won during the seventh game in Houston. Washington catcher Kurt Suzuki said the team could hear the Astros alerting their clubs to the pitch, which involved a whistling system that the Yankees had previously addressed.

"Oh, yes, no question," Suzuki told the Washington Post when asked if the Astros had cheated in the World Series. "We could hear it from their dugout." We heard her whistling. What are you going to do?

"The whole thing was crazy. I messed up the signs a couple of times, had to call time and get us out of rhythm. I kept thinking, "We have to go to the field early and work on our World Series signs to stop their fraud." It is so stupid and so wrong. "

During the ALCS, The Post reported that the Yankees' coaches were upset about the whistle from the Houston bank, which was considered part of the sign theft program.

"I don't think it's a secret that they do," an official from AL West told The Post at the time. "You are whistling. We heard that they have cameras in the park and that some communication comes from their bullpen. Just look at their home record. "