<pre><pre>NBA is curious about Nets, Knicks game after Kobe Bryant's death

The tragic news of Kobe Bryant's death shook the NBA and overshadowed Sunday's Nets Knicks game. But should the game have been canceled?

Players and coaches from both teams were shocked to hear that Bryant and daughter Gianna had been killed in a helicopter crash. However, many agreed whether news from Southern California should have canceled league games across the country.

This game – played in an eerie, surreal atmosphere in the garden – ended in a 110-97 kink victory. But even one of the leaders of this victory said that he should probably be called before the start.

"A lot of emotions from the boys. I honestly didn't think we should play. But it's what it is, ”said Knicks striker Marcus Morris, who had 21 points.

"I prefer to keep my opinion [them playing] for myself what I thought about it, ”said an emotional Nets trainer, Kenny Atkinson, who apparently didn't want to get into trouble.

Spencer Dinwiddie admitted when he heard the shocking news that he had fully expected the league to cancel the game.

"I did. I thought they would be canceled," Dinwiddie said, "but the NBA is a business and I understand that there are likely to be logistical problems with clearing arenas and things, which is why they decided against it." You come to work. We have a job to do, so just like everyone else. "

Garrett Temple, vice president of the Players Association, would have understood delays that take Bryant's importance and stature into account.

"I've been part of this league long enough to know what has to do with the business and how it's going." There were rumors about possibly canceling them. But I say yes and no, ”said Temple. "The kind of person he was and what he meant for this game meant for this league that it would be very understandable if the games were canceled."

Nevertheless, the players were stunned.

"We were in the fog. It was like everyone was dazed. I know I was. They're trying to listen to the game plan, but they obviously have something else in mind, ”said Temple.