NBA suspends Knicks & # 39; Elfrid Payton and punishes Marcus Morris for a fight


The Knicks caused the NBA's anger on Thursday for being the Super Wrecks of Super Bowl Week.

Knicks Point Guard Elfrid Payton was suspended in a game and Marcus Morris fined $ 35,000 for his role in the Grizzlies fight on Wednesday and for comments made afterwards.

Payton's urge for Jae Crowder after the Grizzlies attacker fired a three-point shot that triggered a small brawl 48 seconds before the end, and the song "Sell the Team" by fans in the garden.

Morris was punished for escalating the brawl and then making comments saying Crowder played "female." Crowder was also fined $ 25,000 for his role in the fight, which forced Payton to retaliate.

Marko Guduric and Jaren Jackson Jr. were also suspended for leaving the Memphis bank. The league also called Morris' statements "offensive and derogatory".

A perfect storm of inability that lasted 20 years searched the garden on Wednesday evening and called "Sell the Team" for 20 seconds, directed at the owner James Dolan.

However, the loud message may not go away so easily. Dolan responded in his own way when he asked security to eject a 15-year-old fan.

Payton said that he had no regrets about the excitement he was causing, adding, "[Crowder] know better. And you know what's connected with it. "The NBA said Payton was also suspended because of this" inappropriate "remark, although Morris' crowder scolding went much further.

But the night seemed to be a high point for the Knicks, which had the NBA's worst cumulative record in the past 20 seasons.

Elfrid Payton and Marcus Morris
Elfrid Payton and Marcus MorrisCorey Sipkin (2)

The 127-106 loss to Memphis and the resulting Fracas seemed to be a crucial moment for the management team at Knicks GM Scott Perry and President Steve Mills.

Perry signed seven free agents, but many of the wrong ones. On Wednesday, the Knicks were exposed not only as a marginally talented club, but also as an immature and ruthless club, with Julius Randle and Morris trying to reach the Memphis players.

The Knicks' next home game is not before February 6th against Orlando – the trade date may be the reason why Perry and Mills still have jobs today.

According to league sources, the Knicks front office is concerned that either Perry or Mills will be released shortly after close of trading.

Mills and Perry were not allowed to speak to the press after their release from David Fizdale in December and still have not decided to speak for interim coach Mike Miller, who is now in a difficult situation.

This Memphis Point Guard Ja Morant looked like a superstar who made Wednesday even more troubling. The Knicks were just one pick from Morant, which was hit with the second pick last spring – just like they were one slot from Stephen Curry.

Number 3 RJ Barrett has a decent rookie season, but nobody calls him a star not to be missed. He has played seven games in a row with an ankle sprain without a return schedule.

After the last fiasco, Miller admitted that in the end his knicks "lost our composure". But they looked like an undisciplined team all night.

After a solid 6-6 start, Miller's record has dropped, even though his former G-League coach has put more structure into the defense than Fizdale. Miller's record is now 9-18. Fizdale was 4-18.

The Knicks will set their 13-36 record on a road trip of two games to Indiana and Cleveland, with the point guard situation still pending without Payton.

To probably present him for a trade, Dennis Smith Jr. recently vaulted Frank Ntilikina as a backup point guard. Ntilikina didn't play Wednesday.

Afterwards, Miller curiously claimed that Ntilikina's groin area had an impact at the time of the game and was not available. However, Miller never mentioned Nilikina's groin area in the pre-game press conference and did not report the injury to the media.

That was unfortunate because the Garden fans sang twice: "We want Frank", even once when Smith was on the pitch.

It's best when the super wrecks leave town.

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