Netflix offers first month in India for Rs. 5 in the new test

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Would you like a month of Netflix for the price of a Cadbury 5 star? Well, it depends on how lucky you are. Netflix is ​​offering a new discount in India that offers the first month for only Rs. 5 – of course with some restrictions. The offer is only available to new members who join the streaming service all New users will see it – hence the whole lucky argument – while existing Netflix account holders won't see it at all. In addition, it is limited to those who log on to computers and Android phones. For what it's worth, it applies to every Netflix plan you choose, be it Rs. 199 "mobile", Rs. 499 "Basic", Rs. 649 "Standard" or Rs. 799 "Premium" ,

In a statement on Gadgets 360, a Netflix spokesman said, “This is a new marketing campaign designed to help more people discover Netflix. Depending on its success, we may continue to expand it. “The new one-month Netflix offer for five rupees essentially replaces the one-month free trial that ended in India in December, given the extremely low cost. And although Netflix says it could be expanded in the future, it's worth noting that it's not a "price test". This differentiates it from the way the streaming service tested the Rs. 199 mobile-only plan prior to launch last July or the greatly reduced long-term plans that were ultimately not implemented.

If you're lucky enough to get Netflix for Rs the first month. 5, remember that from the second month you will be charged the full amount of the plan you selected.

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