Networks with real possibility Kyrie Irving's season is over


PHILADELPHIA – Neither Kyrie Irving nor the nets have revealed what the specialists have said about his shoulder problems or whether surgery is required. But as his injuries increase and the schedule melts away, they think long term.

At least they should be.

"Let's get the second opinion and we'll get the information and continue from there," said Kenny Atkinson on Wednesday. "It's a second opinion, more information. It bothered him. We need a clearer picture of what it looks like.

"They are trying to get the best possible information and that is exactly what he is doing. He is trying to find a solution and we are helping him. I know that it is frustrating for him, but it is difficult to play when you are not [healthy]you cannot do what you should do. I find that very frustrating. "

Long-time friends Irving, Kevin Durant and DeAndre Jordan selected Brooklyn together in last summer's free agency. But it's hard to imagine that this first season has got off the rails more than before.

Irving has already missed 33 of the Nets' 53 games, 26 in a row, with the shoulder impact that is now threatening his season. And Durant threw cold water on every chance to play 2019-20 after his own Achilles tendon surgery last June.

"No, I don't think so. At the moment," Durant told Taylor Rooks from Bleacher Report in a video released on Monday. No. The best thing for me is to continue rehab, get as strong as possible and concentrate on the next season. "

Which raises the question of how that will affect Irving's thinking.

The Post reported on December 4 that a procedure might be required, and Irving finally confirmed this a month later.

After seeing a specialist in Arizona, Irving had the choice between arthroscopic surgery and kicking the can with a cortisone shot. On Christmas Eve, he voted for the injection; But now that is worn out and he went to another specialist.

"I will see him [Thursday] and let him know what i think. I'm his specialist, "joked Jordan, adding," we want all of our boys to be healthy. Obviously there are a lot of people struggling through something during the season. It's just the nature of the animal. But in the long term, we want everyone on this team to be healthy, from 1 to 15.

“As you get older and understand your body better, you understand how valuable things are and you want to have other people too [consult]You don't want to have only one way. It's a smart thing because both people could agree, they couldn't agree. You compare and see what happens. Everything takes care of your body and your business. "

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie IrvingNBAE via Getty Images

Despite joking that he was Irving's mystery specialist, Jordan said he had no idea where his friend was headed.

"I don't know what Kyrie thinks [know], He's a friend of mine, but I don't have one [telepathic powers]"Said Jordan, mimicking a volcanic merging of thoughts." We want him to be healthy, and whatever is going on and being decided, we will support him. "

In the meantime, expect a back room from Spencer Dinwiddie-Caris LeVert.

"Sure, you always feel for your brother, things like that are floating around," said LeVert. "We know that he saw a specialist, so we'll see what becomes of it."

The nets come out of Thursday's All Star break in Philadelphia after winning four out of five since Irving sustained a knee injury.

During this time, LeVert scored an average of 24 points, 5.2 assists and 50 percent shots from below, was reinstalled as a starter and showed great chemistry with Dinwiddie.

"We've played together for the third or fourth year now. I feel like we know each other's games well," said LeVert. "We are a tough matchup for other teams with our size, pass and shooting skills. So it only works for us. "