NEW Content Marketing Strategy Revealed: Is the 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge Dead?


Content marketing is challenging, but the results can be life-changing. This video presents an alternative to the 90-day content marketing challenge.

You probably know that I started this channel with a 90 day YouTube challenge where I posted 90 videos in 90 days.

This video shares my results from the first original 90-day challenge

But, the honest truth is that a 90 day challenge is not about the analysis or the results you get.

A successful content marketing challenge is about who you become through the content publishing process every day for three consecutive months.

My wife is the first person to go through the content marketing challenge that I know personally. He did a 90-day blogging challenge where he posted a blog post every day for 90 consecutive days.

Your site now receives over 8 million visits per year from content marketing, so I know it works.

And I’ve had other students who successfully completed the 90-day content marketing challenge, like Samantha, who successfully completed a blogging challenge and you can hear her in this video:

But there are plenty of YouTube members and subscribers who have had extreme difficulty getting through the 90-day challenge.

And I’ve noticed that some who really get through the 90-day challenge ran into an emotional, mental, and energetic wall in the end and don’t want to do anything for a month to recover.

This is a big problem because the ultimate goal is to keep the power of compounding on your side:

If you stop completely, then you lose all your momentum with the power of compounding …

Also, restarting is much more difficult once you release the throttle.

Therefore, this video introduces yet another content marketing challenge idea designed to help you harness the power of capitalization for your content marketing while giving you the time and energy to properly optimize your content.

If you are not optimizing your content with SEO basics (as taught in this free SEO course 🙂

You’re missing the true power of content marketing …

And people who take too much in a short period of time often sacrifice SEO optimization for their posts because tomorrow’s post deadline feels too close and intense.

So watch this video and learn a new content marketing strategy that you can take advantage of for long-term success with your blog, general YouTube, or podcast.

With this new strategy, you’ll still go through the exact same three phases of your content marketing challenge: expand in this video.

The difference is that you can pass all three phases more efficiently with more life energy and better quality content.