New Jersey lawmakers vote to ban flavored vape products

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New Jersey lawmakers passed a bill on Monday that would ban the sale of flavored vaping products.

The bill, which prohibits the sale and distribution of vaping products with a "distinguishable taste, flavor or aroma" and is intended to protect children, was approved by the Senate and State Assembly. Now he goes to Governor Phil Murphy, CBS News reported.

If Murphy signs the law, it will take effect 90 days later.

Last year, Murphy established a working group that recommended the ban on flavored vaporizer products. The working group presented its recommendations in October, just two days after the first death related to the vaping of the state was reported. At that time, Murphy agreed with the findings of the working group, CBS News reported.

"Without a doubt, I would take more forceful executive action today if I had the authority," Murphy said in October. "But, ultimately, many of these recommendations must be adopted by the legislature."

The New York City Council passed a similar bill in November, CBS News reported.

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