New technology at the world's largest tech event in Las Vegas – KVOA

<pre><pre>New technology at the world's largest tech event in Las Vegas - KVOA

It is one of the largest tech events in the world and the Consumer Electronics Show, also known as the C-E-S, kicked off in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

C-E-S is always a showcase for
the next big thing on television.

shows a model that rotates from landscape to portrait for a large screen
that reflects a user's smartphone, an allusion to the way millennials consume video

Companies strive for the smallest tech users.

from Pampers is a smart diaper.

Activity sensor automatically detects the baby's sleep around the clock as well
their diaper status. This changes the level of moisture and the diaper, ”said Mandy
Treeby, spokesman for Pampers.

tech was developed to make it easier for seniors and their carers to face challenges.

I-T-T-I's robot is Pecola, a companion who recognizes when it comes to things
little out and calls for help.

Intelligent pajamas have sensors that can be used to monitor comfort
Detect falls.

Technology is just for fun because Lovot and Bartesian shake it up at home
Mix the cocktail.

"It's about a twenty-second process,
and it cleans itself at the end so there is no cross contamination with the next one
Cocktail, ”said Ryan Close, founder and CEO of Bartesian.

The tech
Companies are all ready to capture their share of the consumer electronics market. The
The Consumer Technology Association anticipates sales of $ 422 billion in the EU
Year ahead.