NFL combines: Joe Burrow, Tom Brady madness are the focus


NFL Scouting Combine workouts move into prime time, but the actual show still takes place after hours.

With executives, agents, trainers, scouts, and the media gathering for a week in Indianapolis, the combine is a hotbed of return channel negotiations and speculative enthusiasm that arises in social environments.

Drafting homework is the announced purpose – 337 people were invited to lift, run, and jump in a new time window (Thursday through Saturday 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., Sunday 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.) – but the free agency will be on 18 March opens, and the two players are added periods go hand in hand.

Here are nine storylines that will spin and turn in the combine:

1. Will LSU Joe Burrow pull an Eli Manning?

The alleged number 1 grew up in Ohio. The Bengals are on the draft board and need a quarterback. Perfect, isn't it? Except that the Bengals haven't won a playoff game since January 6, 1991. Burrow has not advocated being the Bengals franchise changer – as Baker Mayfield did for the Browns in 2018 – and says he has some leverage. “Which led to speculation, he could follow Manning's example and force a trade draft by refusing to play for a poorly managed team. Bengal coach Zac Taylor – a keen young offensive head – and Burrow have to impress each other in an 18-minute formal interview.

2. Where will Tom Brady play?

The six-time Super Bowl winner can't officially change teams yet, but he's being discussed more than any non-newcomer to the combine. He can now sign with the patriots again. Or maybe he and the patriots end the speculation and agree to split up in a joint announcement, like Philip Rivers and the chargers. ESPN recently reported "no movement" in negotiations. Brady made it clear that he would play somewhere. The Cowboys, Chargers, Raiders and Titans are top applicants.

3. Trading market

The Redskins and Giants, who chose No. 2 and No. 4, designed quarterbacks last year. If Lions # 3 stays with Matthew Stafford, all three are possible partners for a team that wants to swap quarterbacks like Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert. The No. 5 Dolphins, No. 6 Chargers, and No. 7 Panthers play a game of chicken by staying seated. The No. 12 Raiders and No. 13 Colts could become aggressive. Last year was the first time since 2015 that there were no trades with top 5 picks.

4. Tuas test results

Six months ago Tagovailoa was the clear number one. "Tank for Tua" should be the Dolphins' two-year plan for the top choice. But Tagovailoa enters the combine with red flags of durability, so his biggest test is the extensive medical review. Within 13 months, he suffered two ankle sprains and a significant hip injury. Tagovailoa has reportedly received positive hip news during his three-month check-up, but will he ever be the same player when he appeared on stage as a newbie and led Alabama to a national title? It is not expected that he will take part in field exercises, but only in team interviews.

5. What about the rest of the quarterback market?

The cowboys have not yet given Dak Prescott a franchise tag. After Drew Brees returned to the Saints, Teddy Bridgewater looks for a start job elsewhere, and the restricted free agent Taysom Hill could be offered at a compensatory price. Rivers is a free agent who wants to play for another 1-3 years. Ryan Tannehill, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are experienced starters who are intended for the free agency. Cam Newton and Derek Carr were able to shake freely to join them.

Joe Burrow; Tom Brady NFL design combine 2020
Joe Burrow; Tom BradyGetty Images (2)

6th day, it's you

Tuesday is the first day that teams can "tag" their own free agents. In most years, a team can only use the franchise tag or the transition tag. However, in 2020 a team can use both tags (two different players) as this is the last year of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The free agent market will look very different after tagging – with top talents like Yannick Ngakoue, Amari Cooper and Shaq Barrett who may be removed from the market. A day is a one-year contract. The tagging team can match any free agent offer. In order to deregister a franchise player, two picks must be submitted for the first round. Stealing a player with a transition day does not require compensation.

7. CBA negotiations

NFL owners voted to approve a proposed CBA with radical schedule changes and tried to drive the NFLPA into the following lawsuit until next week, but the union is not bullied. The Executive Committee may not even allow players to vote.

After ten months of negotiations near desperate times, each side will consider the other side's demands to be unreasonable. If a new deal is closed by March 18, the teams wishing to use both tags will get confused.

8. How many impact recipients are there?

Design analysts expect approximately 20 recipients to be selected in the first three rounds. For comparison: 9 to 14 recipients were included in the first three rounds of the last five designs. CeeDee Lamb from Oklahoma and Jerry Jeudy from Alabama fight for first place – maybe against the jets? – but this could be the deepest class that has ever been in this position. At the combine's first television event, Henry Ruggs of Alabama broke John Ross & # 39; record time of 40 yards (4.22).

9. Other convincing prospects

Clemsons Isaiah Simmons played 100 snapshots in five different defensive positions. Is he a tweener or a versatile weapon?

In a draft class with short edge rushers, LSU’s K’Lavon Chaisson could be about to explode, two years away from a torn ACL.

The NFL will uncover every stone for offensive linemen: Division III's viewpoint, Ben Bartch, who has gained £ 80 and has moved from close quarters in college, caught the scouts' attention after the Senior Bowl.

Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin, D’Andre Swift from Georgia and LeVante Bellamy from West Michigan are the setbacks that could shake your fantasy football league in the fall.

Jordan Love from Utah is the quarterback who could shoot the first round.