NFL playoff selection: These two outsiders will cover

<pre><pre>NFL playoff selection: These two outsiders will cover


Dave Tuley, senior reporter at, is in his second season with the Post's Bettor & # 39; s Guide. His disabling work appears in VSiN's online magazine Point Spread Weekly.


Tennessee Titans (+5) via NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: Most people think Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will flip the switch and roll at home as soon as the playoffs begin, but I'm not sure that this team will be able to do that. We have seen warning signs throughout the year that Brady is no longer as sharp as before to increase players around him, and the defense has cushioned their stats against a soft, early schedule and was against the good by far not so dominant teams. If we score 27 points at home against Miami in the first round against Miami, we're more confident that Tennessee can do the same. The patriots struggled to stop strong running games, and the titans have NFL leader Derrick Henry (1,540 meters) while QB Ryan Tannehill flourished in Tennessee and had enough freedom of movement to gain extra time and play great games, especially for WR AJ Brown. Titans in a not so titanic excitement.


Minnesota Vikings (+ 7¹ / ₂) vs NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: We know that the Saints have looked like world thugs on their flights to the Colts, Titans, and Panthers in the past three weeks, and the Vikings are limping into the playoffs against the Packers and Bears (though this was largely their support). But when I hindered this matchup, I only made the Saints 3-point favorites. The Vikings' defense is still good enough to stem Drew Brees & Co., and the crime is to regain RB Dalvin Cook. It should also open to Kirk Cousins, as the Saints must respect game action fake. I'm not so confident here straight away, but scoring points is definitely the game.

Last week: 1-1. Hunter (W). Indians (L).
Season: 16-17-1.