Nitish Kumar's first BJP ally who openly calls for rethinking citizenship law

<pre><pre>Nitish Kumar's first BJP ally who openly calls for rethinking citizenship law

Nitish Kumar's comments for the first time confirm objections to the CAA.


Nitish Kumar said today that there should be a special discussion in the Bihar Assembly about the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA). He was the first ally to openly call for a rethink about the controversial law and apparently changed his mind about his party. Janata Dal (United) supported the draft law in Parliament. The Prime Minister made the comments after Lalu Yadav's Congress and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) of Lalu Yadav attacked the religion-based citizenship law in a special session at the House of Bihar.

Regarding the National Register of Citizenship (NRC), Nitish Kumar stressed that there was "no question" or that this had to be done in Bihar.

"There should be a discussion about CAA. If everyone wants, there will be a discussion in this house. As for NRC, there is no question of the NRC and no justification for it," said the chief minister.

Nitish Kumar's comments confirm the objections to the CAA, which for the first time have been the focus of nationwide student, activist, and political party protests, despite previously excluding NRC in his state.

The comment comes a day after Mr. Kumar's number two in the party, politician polling strategist Prashant Kishor, tweeted: "… want to reassure everyone that CAA-NRC will not be implemented in Bihar."

Last year, part of the JDU was upset about Nitish Kumar's change of heart in the Citizenship Act after criticizing it in a party forum and press conferences.

Prashant Kishor posted several tweets criticizing his party leader and even offered to resign from Nitish Kumar's party.

Another BJP ally, the Akali Dal, had previously expressed a reservation against the NRC and the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. "Akali Dal wants Muslims to be included in the Citizenship Act. We have always talked about the wellbeing of people of all religions, not just Sikhs," said Akali Dal leader Sukhbir Badal.