Nothing’s too sexy for Saweetie at NYFW 2020

Nothing’s too sexy for Saweetie at NYFW 2020

Saweetie is confused by the concept of "too sexy."

"What? Where do they do it?" Asked the rapper, who wore a black Brandon Maxwell dress to the designer parade on Saturday night at New York Fashion Week 2020. "There's never too much sensuality, baby," said.

Case in point: he thought that the Super Bowl halftime show, which featured Jennifer Lopez dancing pole and Shakira shaking the booty, was just the right amount of spicy.

“Two women I grew up listening to and adore. They did their thing and they were amazing, ”he said.

And if the show was too revealing for the children, Saweetie offered an easy solution: "Well, then close your eyes!"

The 26-year-old singer does not hesitate to strip off acres of skin at parties and social networks. From the Fenty party in Bergdorf to the Christopher John Rogers show, Fashion Week events serve as the perfect backdrop for your provocative sensibilities. “I was born with this. I went out this way. Why would he be shy about it?

But she uses double-sided tape to prevent the malfunction of the locker room. "I can't show this for free, girl! All icy girls should take precautions," he added, referring to his hit song, "Icy Grl."

Do the bride and groom ever ask you to cover yourself? "They know what they signed up for!" Said the artist, who has been dating Quavo de Migos since 2018, and even played his love interest in his "Workin Me" video.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, he wonders what to get for the man who has everything. It is not difficult to buy Saweetie.

"I hope something sexy and expensive is ready for me," he said.