Novak Djokovic's wife Jelena on privacy struggles amid marriage speculation

<pre><pre>Novak Djokovic's wife Jelena on privacy struggles amid marriage speculation

Novak Djokovic's wife Jelena would decide her luck on the public's insatiable appetite for information every day of the week.

"I am aware that as the wife of a popular athlete, I could be interesting for the tabloids, so I try not to give them much material to write about me," said Jelena in a recent interview with Vesti Online Sonne.

Jelena has been married to the Serbian tennis star since 2014 and was noticeably absent last year at the Australian Open in January, where Djokovic defeated Dominic Thiem and won his 16th Grand Slam title. And while Jelena gives her legions of Instagram followers an insight into their private lives – which was not without speculation – sometimes a simple snapshot is not enough.

"The development of technology and social networks has made the life of public figures available at all times," said Jelena.

With over 478,000 followers, Jelena said it could be difficult to turn off the outside noise.

“The experience doesn't worry you at first because it can cause you some difficulties. We look at public figures and think that this type of advertising is okay, ”said Jelena.

"But over time, you lack anonymity and privacy to do whatever you want, anytime, in any situation."

Although social media have the ability to filter reality, Jelena is about dealing authentically with herself and those who matter most, including her two children at Djokovic.

"I decided that I was disappointing between the way I see and love myself and the expectations of the public," said Jelena.