Now Clean the Outdoor AC Unit by Yourself!

Clean the Outdoor AC Unit

Air conditioners have been an inevitable part of our lives, isn’t it? I am sure all of you have already taken out their AC units and running it successfully. Now let’s put some light on the care and maintenance section. How much are you taking care of it?

The point is if you haven’t done a spring check on your AC unit, then it won’t be probably cooling or working in the way it should. The whole one year’s debris and dirt gets collected and can clog the cooler’s fins! Even a dirty fan’s filter and other easily ignored small machine issues can immensely affect the air conditioners efficiency.

It’s better to follow a cleaning routine on a yearly basis, as this dirt collection and debris is an on-going thing. If this dirt condition is not rightly addressed on time, it will only harm your pockets costing you a lot!   

Problems That a Dirty Condenser Can Cause:

An air conditioner outside unit comes with the condenser and the compressor on it. There are fins on the condenser which dissipates heat out from the system, while helping you enjoy the cool air inside your room. This heat is the indoor heat absorbed by the refrigerant, which is then condensed via the condenser unit before passing out of the vents.

Along with all of this, there is one condenser fan as well attached that blows on the outdoor coils (that carries the hot refrigerant). In the end, the fan helps with cooling the refrigerant and the warm air is passed out in the air.

Imagine if the outdoor coils are clogged or not attended for a very long time. This will make the air conditioner run for a longer period, giving you less cooling effect. The clogged outdoor system will automatically make the machine run for more time with no quality result. The refrigerant won’t be able to release its heat efficiently and will make the machine use more of the power!

Finally, what you get is no cooling and high electricity bills! If you care for your HVAC outside unit and its working – then it’s time to get it checked at the earliest!

Okay, making things simple for you- Call us for your ac maintenance check today and save on your energy bills!  Steps for Cleaning the Condenser/Outdoor AC Unit

First, you need to have the tools for the purpose. So, let’s check what you all need for carrying out this job.

Materials you need for the job: 

  • Vacuum cleaner with soft bristles
  • Garden hose
  • Piece of old unused cloth
  • Pipe cleaner (soft bristles)
  • Fin comb

These are the basic must-haves for cleaning the outdoor HVAC unit.

Steps for cleaning the outdoor AC unit are given as follows: 

  1. Before you get started with the cleaning process, make sure the outdoor unit is turned off from the power supply.
  2. Begin with the removal of debris. You can use the soft-bristled vacuum cleaner and carry out this task. Remove the visible dust, dirt, and other small debris stuck between the fins.
  3. Now, if you find bends on the fins – then get the fin comb and straighten the fins gently. If you don’t have a fin comb, you can use the butter knife for straightening the fins.
  4. Take the AC filter out, and wash it using a high-speed garden hose. If the filter is made of cardboard or fiber, then it would be better to replace them with a new one.
  5. It’s the top panel region that includes the vent opening. For accessing the vents, you will have to open the top panel by unscrewing the panel. Then, slowly lift and place the panel aside.
  6. Take a closer look on the condenser coils for dirt, dust or hard build-ups. Here, you can make use of a vacuum and dust-off the particles as much as you can. Later, use a garden hose pipe and wash the machine parts again. Here, make sure that the water/vacuum is not set at a high-power rate. Keep a gentle way throughout the cleaning.
  7. Next take a wet piece of cloth or rag for cleaning the fan blades. Thereafter check the fan vents, wipe or vacuum out the dust away if any present.
  8. We are almost done! Connect the top panel back and screw it up nicely as it was before. Time to turn on the machine now.   

What Are the Other Ways to Keep the Outdoor AC Unit Energy Efficient?

Washing and maintaining the outdoor ac compressor is NOT THE ONLY thing you need to do.

For a complete maintenance work, you need to clean both the indoor as well as the outdoor ac units. You can get in touch with us on 416-889-7785 or contact for quality assistance. We will study the machine and provide you the best solution for that matter.

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