OnePlus 7T review

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OnePlus typically releases a new model when a new Qualcomm Snapdragon-class flagship chip is used or when there is a major market shift in design or functionality. This philosophy has helped the company stay ahead, even if it annoyed its fans, who may have spent a lot of money to consider their brand new devices out of date in less than six months. In this case, the launch of OnePlus 7 was just over four months ago, but we already have the OnePlus 7T in stores. What's surprising is that the OnePlus 7T with a new Snapdragon 855+ processor isn't just a little refresh – it picks up many of the features that set the higher quality OnePlus 7 Pro apart from the OnePlus 7, including a third rear-view camera and a 90Hz display , Unfortunately, it also continues OnePlus' other habit of increasing prices with every generation.

OnePlus is no longer an upstart and with the introduction of OnePlus 7 (Review) and OnePlus 7 Pro (Review) it has broken its longstanding philosophy of only selling one phone at a time. We've taken note of the many reasons that made it worthwhile for the company to finally share their attention, but the OnePlus 7 felt a little compared to its more premium sibling, which had a completely new design and better features discouraging. The OnePlus 7 was still relatively cheap and powerful, but felt like a reheated OnePlus 6T (test) and recently had to compete with the same models as the Redmi K20 Pro (test) and the Asus 6Z (test).

The OnePlus 7T bridges this gap after only four and a half months and brings many functions of the OnePlus 7 Pro at a lower price. This is a fast cycle, even by company standards, and what's even more interesting, the OnePlus 7T arrives alone. Does this mean that OnePlus is shaking things up again, or is it trying to make each model shine on its own terms? We will see in our criticism.

OnePlus 7T design

Perhaps the biggest current design trend we've seen at all price levels is the deletion of notches, with various companies experimenting with pop-up modules and holes in the screen. OnePlus adhered to a water drop-like notch in the OnePlus 7T, which is a surprise given the competition. It looks like the company is saving this feature for its Pro models.

We have the same elongated earpiece grille and general aesthetics as before. We really like the fact that the corners of the screen are much less rounded than is the case today with mobile phones, so the display is cropped less. The edges around the screen are fairly thin, and there's hardly anything else to see on the front.

While the new OnePlus 7T looks very similar to its predecessors from the front, the rear one is brand new. We have a huge round camera reminiscent of the Moto Z series, but with three lenses in a horizontal row and the flash underneath. This is a big departure from OnePlus' previous designs, and we have mixed feelings. It is really prominent and not very smart. The bump also protrudes a lot, which means that this phone lies at an angle on any flat surface.

The circular island is surrounded by a sea of ​​matt glass. The OnePlus 7T is available in the colors Glacier Blue and Frosted Silver. However, precedents indicate that more options will be released over time. A very fine gradient can be seen on the back of our Glacier Blue test device.

The combination of metal and frosted glass distinguishes this phone from all middle-class devices with gradients that we've seen in the past year or so. Apart from the cumbersome tracking shot, the OnePlus 7T looks and feels very high quality. The back is lightly stained with fingerprints, but the texture is not slippery, making it a little less difficult to mix the phone with one hand if you try to reach the top third of the screen.

At 190g and 8.13mm thick, this is a fairly bulky phone, but it's not too hard to live with. The on / off switch and alarm control on the right are within reach, as are the volume buttons on the left. OnePlus has already controversially eliminated the 3.5 mm headphone jack, so there are none here. The dual SIM tray and USB Type-C port are at the bottom.

According to OnePlus, Corning Gorilla Glass was used for the front and back of the OnePlus 7T, but no version was specified. Our device came with a pre-assembled plastic screen protector, which was fortunately quite inconspicuous. We would have wished for an IP rating, but the company never mentioned water or dust resistance anywhere.

oneplus 7t cameras ndtv oneplusThe circular module on the back of the OnePlus 7T accommodates all three cameras and the flash

OnePlus 7T specifications and software

As expected, the OnePlus 7T uses Qualcomm's updated Snapdragon 855+ processor, which has a slightly faster 2.96 GHz high-performance Kryo 485 CPU core than the Snapdragon 855, while the other seven efficiency cores remain the same. Qualcomm also claims 15 percent better GPU performance thanks to a higher clocked integrated Adreno 640 GPU.

8 GB RAM are now standard across all variants. You just have to decide whether you need 128 GB or 256 GB of storage, which of course uses the fast UFS 3.0 standard. These two variants are set at Rs. 37,999 and Rs. So we don't expect anyone to think about spending Rs. 2,000 more for double the storage will overuse their budget. OnePlus still does not support microSD cards. Because of the higher storage capacity, this is now much less problematic than before. Interestingly, the USB Type-C port on this device supports USB 3.1 Gen1 transfers (5 Gbps), but the included cable can only handle USB 2.0.

The display is now slightly larger with an aspect ratio of 20: 9 and a resolution of 1080×2400. It measures 6.55 inches diagonally and has a refresh rate of 90 Hz and HDR10 +. According to OnePlus, this screen supports the sRGB and P3 color scales, but not to what extent.

The battery capacity has increased slightly from 3700 mAh to 3800 mAh. According to OnePlus, the new Warp Charge 30T standard is faster than the Warp Charge 30. The charger included is designed for 5 V / 6 A (30 W) and should charge the phone from zero to 70 percent in just 30 minutes. we will test a claim in a moment.

There is dual band WiFi according to 802.11ac. Bluetooth 5 with aptX HD and LDAC; GEOGRAPHIC POSITIONING SYSTEM; NFC; and all the usual sensors. According to OnePlus, the haptic vibration motor and built-in fingerprint sensors have also been improved compared to previous models. Some high-end features are missing: Wi-Fi 6, wireless charging, and IP rating would have been nice, but you still can't get them all at this price.

oneplus 7t slider ndtv oneplusThe OnePlus warning slide is located on the right above the on / off switch

The OnePlus 7T is also one of the first phones in India with Android 10 in the delivery state. Instead of the standard version, you get the custom OxygenOS 10 user interface from OnePlus, which is said to have over 300 optimizations and improvements. Our review unit ran the security patch for September 2019.

The customization options for the user interface include system-wide designs, a dark mode, an optional search interface instead of the usual app drawer, a fine-tuned control of the notification behavior, several icon packs and of course many link gestures. You can also choose between Android navigation buttons and gestures. OnePlus implements the all-new Android 10 gesture scheme, but doesn't offer the option of a swipable home button for Android 9.

You'll also see many Android 10 features, including new pop-ups for privacy and permission notifications, priority notifications at the top of the pull-down bar, automatically suggested replies in message notifications, and a revised content sharing sheet. OnePlus' OxygenOS continues to focus on improving and adding customization options for standard Android, rather than updating and replacing it.

Zen mode, which can force OnePlus users to disconnect, is still available. There are also several other utilities, including a quick launch bar that can be shown using the built-in fingerprint sensor, the ability to run two instances of many apps, encrypted secure storage, and experimental OnePlus Labs features. The only lab function currently available is DC dimming, in which the screen brightness is not reduced by stroboscopes, but by power control. This can reduce eye fatigue, but it can lead to some display abnormalities.

Netflix, Amazon Shopping, Amazon Kindle, and Amazon Prime Video are preinstalled, but they can all be removed. You also get Google Pay, Duo, Files, and some OnePlus apps, including Community for joining the company's forums and Switch for importing data from an old phone.

oneplus 7t screens ndtv oneplusL-R: Customization options for the appearance of the user interface; Android 10 navigation gestures; Settings app with activated dark theme

OnePlus 7T performance and battery life

The OnePlus 7T feels very snappy and responsive thanks to the combination of the Snapdragon 855+ processor and the 90 Hz screen. It is not possible to say what difference each of these factors is responsible for, but overall it is a pleasure to use this phone and it has never stumbled or made us wait during our review.

Even though OnePlus says the notch is almost a third smaller than before, it is still a little annoying when watching full screen videos. Apart from that, this display is excellent and offers first-class color rendering and smooth movement. We played a few HDR videos on YouTube and could see the difference it made, even though it automatically pushes the brightness up. The earphone works with the speaker on the bottom to deliver stereo audio. The sound can get quite loud and is reasonably detailed, making videos more enjoyable.

OxygenOS 10 ran flawlessly. Heavy apps and games opened quickly and we had no problems with multitasking. Both the built-in fingerprint sensor and face recognition were easy to set up and use. We didn't feel that both security measures were slow. You can brighten the screen to support facial recognition at night, and you can choose from some animation options for the fingerprint sensor.

The Snapdragon 855+ processor has surpassed our benchmark charts with astronomical results: 399,656 in AnTuTu and 10,409 in PCMark Work 2.0. Geekbench 5's single-core and multi-core scores were 789 and 2,736, respectively. The OnePlus 7T passed the GFXBench T-Rex and Mahnattan 3.1 tests and achieved an incredible 41 frames per second in the car chase scene. 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited gave us 76,742 points, while Slingshot Extreme scored 6,185 points.

As expected, PUBG Mobile ran flawlessly. The gameplay was smooth and the experience was impressive and entertaining. We raised the graphics to HDR and the frame rate to extremes and found no lag. With these settings, however, the back of the phone got a little warm. Asphalt 9: Legends was also a pleasure to play.

With normal everyday use, the battery life was pretty good and we were able to get by with around 40 percent for a whole day. That should be enough to survive one day and part of the next if you don't play games or watch a lot of video. Our HD video loop battery test lasted 14 hours and 35 minutes, which is good but not particularly good, but may be explained by the size of this screen.

With the included charger, we achieved 9 percent in five minutes and 43 percent in 20 minutes. OnePlus' claim of charging up to 70 percent in half an hour came very close to that at 68 percent. This is really impressive and one of the most useful features a smartphone can have these days.

oneplus 7t bottom ndtv oneplusThe OnePlus 7T has a SIM compartment, a Type C connector and a speaker on the bottom

OnePlus 7T cameras

Very little else on the OnePlus 7T is drastically new, so the new camera setup on the back is definitely one of the main attractions. We have a 48 megapixel primary shooter with an unusually large aperture of 1: 1.6. This is based on the proven Sony IMX586 sensor and offers hybrid image stabilization that uses both optical and electronic stabilization functions.

The second rear-view camera has a field of view of 117 degrees and a resolution of 16 megapixels, while the last has a 2x telephoto lens for optical zoom and an aperture of 1: 2.2. There is no separate depth sensor, but portrait effects are implemented using a combination of these cameras. The front camera has a 16 megapixel sensor.

Tap to view OnePlus 7T camera samples in their original size: main camera (top), wide-angle camera (center), telephoto camera (bottom)

The viewfinder of the OnePlus camera app has a simple slider with which you can switch between the wide-angle camera (0.6x), the primary camera (1x) and the optical zoom (2x). Tapping and holding this slider opens an adjustment wheel that you can use to make finer adjustments to compose your picture. We were happy to see that the OnePlus 7T took pictures with its optical zoom camera in low light conditions in our tests. However, it is only possible to use the full 48 megapixel resolution of the main camera in Pro mode, which is not easy to find. You can slide the trigger up to see additional modes and settings that aren't in the carousel or in the series of icons that flank the viewfinder. We hope that these are easier to recognize.

When we were on the road, we found that the autofocus sometimes could not capture a subject, even if it was clearly in the foreground. This was more likely to happen in poor lighting conditions. We also encountered a strange mistake: the viewfinder turned gray or black several times. usually for a short flash, but sometimes for a few seconds. This seemed to have to do with automatic HDR detection and switching, but we couldn't reproduce this consistently. Hopefully this will be improved with future software updates.

We also want clearer instructions in Portrait and Super Macro modes – it wasn't always clear whether we had to move closer to or further away from our subject for the effects to take effect. You can take portraits with the main mode as with wide-angle cameras, but you cannot adjust the intensity before or after a shot. Macros can be recorded with all three, and you can take pictures up to 2.5 cm away.

The three cameras of the OnePlus 7T offer great versatility when taking pictures. Of course, the main camera took the sharpest pictures, with many details that are also visible from a distance, and clean, balanced exposures, even in direct sunlight. The telephoto camera delivered surprisingly good results even in favorable light. We found the quality of wide-angle pictures a little poor. There was definitely some softness and fisheye distortion, but this camera could still be useful for group shots and landscapes.

Tap to view OnePlus 7T photo samples in their original size

Photos taken during the day with the rear view camera showed an excellent overall resolution. With the OnePlus 7T, fine textures such as fur and rust could be easily captured. The colors were well balanced and there was a great natural depth, even if portrait mode was not used in many situations. In fact, the pictures taken in portrait mode during the day were slightly washed out and were not so well exposed.

In addition to the auto focus problem we encountered, many shots came out a little blurry at night. However, the noise was generally well controlled and the details were very well preserved. The telephoto camera performed well once again, while the wide-angle camera was somewhat weaker. Night mode makes a big difference because it highlights details in shady areas without blowing out the highlights. There's a switch in Settings that slows night mode, and you can use it when your phone is on a tripod or otherwise stabilized.

You can also switch between all three cameras while recording a 1080p video clip. However, the transitions are rough and jerky when you watch the video later. Only the primary camera provides stabilization, and the other two are unavailable when the resolution is set to 4K. Stabilization clearly works very well at 1080p during the day, and we were very happy with the quality of the video we took on an uneven pavement. It causes a little tremor and jerking at night. The wide-angle and telephoto cameras are probably not nearly as good for videos at night.

We were happy to see that the selfie camera beautification isn't enabled by default. Selfies looked just as good as we hoped for, with balanced exposures even in the background and very good details on our faces. Even at night, the front camera worked pretty well.

oneplus 7t rear ndtv oneplusThe OnePlus 7T has a frosted glass on the back and is available in gray or blue


OnePlus has released a solid update for OnePlus 7, but we think this is the model that should have been launched four months ago. Anyone who recently bought a OnePlus 7 (review) is rightly somewhat annoyed. Many who paid a lot more for the OnePlus 7 Pro (review) may also be upset. OnePlus recommends performing the update on a more predictable schedule, as other premium manufacturers do.

On the other hand, this would be a good time if you're sticking to an older model and want to upgrade. The OnePlus 7T offers a variety of high-end functions and functions as well as excellent overall specifications and versatile cameras. It's one of the first phones in India with Android 10, and the Snapdragon 855+ offers more than enough power for high-end Android games. Those who have considered a Samsung Galaxy S10e (test), Google Pixel 3a (test) or iPhone 11 (test) have a compelling alternative at a lower cost. Interestingly, the OnePlus 7T is comparable in price to the Asus ROG Phone II, which has only just been launched with a Snapdragon 855+ processor, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB memory and a 120 Hz screen. Check out Gadgets 360 for an overview of this smartphone.

Speaking of cost, the fact that there is only one Rs. The difference from 128 GB to 256 GB means that it is not a problem to choose between these two variants. If you spend so much anyway, Rs. 2,000 more is worth doubling the space as there is no microSD card slot. However, this again increases the entry costs for a OnePlus phone and leaves the so-called "budget flagship" market behind.