Online Money Making Strategies for College Students

Online Money Making Strategies for College Students

The image of the poor, starving college student is pervasive, but it doesn’t have to be. Students who are able to pay their way through school with a minimal amount of financial aid are usually in the best position to begin graduate life. Even if you cant work full-time while you’re going to school, you may be able to make a little extra money working from home. Here are a few online jobs you can squeeze into any busy study schedule:

1. Sell your notes

If your campus has a community bulletin board or website, you can post an ad selling copies of class notes. Around exam time, everyone who missed classes will be eager to catch up. Some websites even specialize in selling notes and term papers. Just be sure that what you’re selling won’t end up being turned in or cause any problems with plagiarism.

2. Sell stock photography

Stock photography is used to make advertisements, website designs, and other commercial goods, and designers will pay top dollar for good stock. You can sell your stock through your own website or list it on a stock exchange site for cash.

3. Write web content

Dozens of websites exist to connect freelance writers with web developers, advertising agencies and other people in need of some written copy. If you’re fast and proficient, you may be able to make a decent living by writing the text for websites.

4. Start tutoring

You can advertise your services on campus or sign up online to offer services through a tutoring chat room. You can teach any subject or grade level that you’re comfortable with. As an added bonus, tutoring experience looks great on your graduate school application or resume.

5. Start a blog

You can start a blog or website about nearly any niche you’re familiar with. You can run contextual ads through Google Adsense or other programs. You can also sell merchandise like shirts, coffee mugs or calendars from your blog. If your blog is funny or informative, it could go viral and allow you to make quite a profit from your earnings over time.

online money Making is a great skill for any college student to have. It helps to provide some financial security without the constraints of a limiting full-time job. Some of the skills learned while working online can even be applied to life after graduation, and many people are able to sustain themselves entirely from Internet-based income.