OPC vs PPC Cement! Get the exact difference with the IS code test


In this video, I described and discussed in detail the mixed cement on the PPC (Portland Pozzolona cement) what kind of natural and artificial: volcanic ashes, fly ash, calcined clay and lica fumes used in the manufacture of PPC with the details of what it is The main difference of OPC cement. All the details are in this video with IS codes. That compassion between IS 269 (OPC 33 grade) vs. (IS 1489 Part 1 and Part 2).

Concrete types: PCC, RCC, SCC, HPC, UHPC, RPC, DPC and plum concrete

Why the Lap zone column is always in the center of the column – Lapzone in the column

Mivan O formwork Aluminum system Working method

Expiration of cement bags (3 months or 6 months) and where we use expired cement.

Steel rolling margin with examples of cost facts