Or what is Video Marketing? #videomarketing


Saiba or que é video Marketing and quais as its main features.

All video marketing needs to focus on a digital strategy.

Projected video model to promote companies, brands, products or services, uma das maneiras mais atuais to expand a customer experience or potential customer.

That Video Marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing ferramentas, pois or consumer or client has the opportunity to be closer to the reality that everyone knows. But, in what way is it possible to stimulate product bands or services? How is a marketing video produced that, in its first seconds, turns on the attention of its public and surpasses all the objections of two consumers? Rodrigo Caminitti, director of WebSnap and specialist in digital marketing mapping some strategic strategies
to watch videos and increase recipes from companies and professions.

1 – Planning: open a non-YouTube channel and develop a video schedule of videos. Nessa stage, all or project and development processes walk with rhythm and address with non-objective focus defined by the company. Define four other ferramentas will be modifications to disseminate the videos produced.

2- Chame atenção: only five first seconds that or video should be public attention. One recommendation is that or greater breeding effort be applied at this time. You cannot make this stage or video possible great possibilities of being exchanged for quality or other content that is considered more interesting.

3 – Techniques: apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques
ally mainly or Youtube, social network of audiovisual content that possible link with Google. Isso fará com that each video gives company, produto ou serviço ganhe visualizações exponenciais.

4 – Added value: lack of results and benefits of the solution, product or service offered. I will help pessoa to decide or why I escort company
(ou or service provider) ao reverse of their concorrentes.

5 – Prova social: um two decisive gatilhos for pessoas that need only um empurrãozinho to make a purchase and assist with consumer experiences. Videos of customer deposits transmit confidence and strengthen credibility. The social prova model records us and we were the United States for many years and to practice chegou not Brazil being in shape

6 – Call to action: a video whose objective sales you need to call for ação. It costs to be at the final stage two videos and in an attractive way to stimulate some conversation, which can be a cadastre, a newsletter or a direct link for a product purchase.

7 – Metrics: to each video released, it is important to accompany and measure or carry out the material, and it can be confirmed by the number of visualizations, the medium time that each person remains assisted or video and taxa, or seja, how many weights will be made. Link purchase not available video.

8 – Consult or specialist: in all the stages and it is recommended that either a business owner or a person in charge of marketing of companies look for a specialized agency not subject, since the planning, digital strategy and video production need to walk together so that the clamped result is achieved effective form.

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