Oscar 2020: Martin Scorsese dozes while Eminem Raps goes viral

Oscar 2020: Martin Scorsese dozes while Eminem Raps goes viral

Oscar 2020: Martin Scorsese dozes while Eminem Raps goes viral

Photos of Martin Scorsese during Eminem's appearance can be seen everywhere on Twitter (courtesy) Lyricoldrap)


  • The Oscar audience was thrilled by Eminem's "Lose Yourself"
  • The director's pictures, which do not show Eminem, are viral
  • Last year Martin Scorsese dismissed the MCU as "no cinema"

New Delhi:

Eminem came, saw and won the Oscars. But wait, just like in an invincible Gaulish village that defended itself against the power of Caesar, there was a single place among the prominent ranks that struggled together Lose yourself that remained undefeated. This spot was occupied by Hollywood star Martin Scorsese, who was nominated this year and an authority in all things not related to cinema. Pictures and clips by the 77-year-old director that could not convince Eminem and actually seem to fall asleep during the rapper’s rousing performance have gone viral. It seems that like Marvel superhero films, Eminem is not a cinema.

Last year Martin Scorsese, Oscar-winning director The departedset fire to a match by discounting the Marvel Cinematic Universe as "no cinema" in an interview with Empire. It sparked another Oscar winner – Francis Ford Coppola called him at the Lumiere Festival in France and said, "Martin was nice when he said it wasn't a movie theater. He didn't say it was despicable what I say." A flood of reactions that primarily defended the existence of superhero films followed from celebrities and fans alike.

Half a year later, Martin Scorsese attended the Oscar ceremony as Best Director Nominee The Irishman – the film he was promoting when he ran down Marvel – was seen falling asleep when Eminem knocked, or so it seemed. Of course, Twitter lives for moments like this.

There is much more where these came from.

Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, won the Oscar for Best Original 18 years ago Lose yourself, from the soundtrack of his film 8 Mile. He was not present at the time and apologized for not appearing in a tweet posted today:

Martin Scorsese didn't go home with an Oscar; South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho achieved a breathtaking win and won the Best Director Award for parasite, which was also awarded as best picture, best original screenplay and best international feature.