Oscars 2020: Who are Indian filmmakers and actors interested in?

Segway-like vehicles were also used by the police to keep an eye on the large crowd on Marina Beach.

A group of young cinephiles will perform an annual ritual in India next Monday. It will wake up at 6 a.m. to celebrate the greatest festival of cinema, and everything will go according to the immutable script – the red carpet will be discussed and many controversial contemporary issues will be brought to the stage in several fabulous acceptance speeches – from racial relationships to towards gender diversity as Trump's hate policy.

Afterwards, each award is examined and discussed. Who has earned their place in the sun and which films have been wrongly forced to go away with the wind? The celebration of showmanship, its size and size will colonize our minds and conversations again.

Will the members of the filmmaking community in India also get involved? What are you looking forward to and for whom will you take root on February 10? How far does your obsession with Oscar go?

Vasan Bala

Vasan Bala

Vasan Bala, filmmaker

I saw it from 1992 when Satyajit Ray was awarded an honorary award by the Academy. But it was when Nayakan When India submitted in 1987 that the Oscars came to Tam Brahm, our talks have been fueling ever since Jeans and recently Visaranai,

Vote for: I have not found anyone. I only wish they had nominated Lulu Wang and Greta Gerwig. If they had participated in the debate, the discussion would have been more pleasant … especially since they are filmmakers in a relationship that they made on their own (Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig; Barry Jenkins and Lulu Wang).

Unforgettable: For some reason it is Denzel Washington. For the intensity on his face when his name was announced as a candidate.



Onir, filmmaker

The actor I am most excited about this year is Antonio Banderas in Pain and fame, It is incredible and beautiful. I have a contrary opinion on the popular nominees. The Irishman and Once upon a time in Hollywood disappointed me – not everything she [Scorsese/Tarantino] make must do it [to the awards], In my opinion parasite is the strongest of everything that I would root as a story. A nomination, which I am happy about For sama [a journey into the female experience of war], in the Documentary category. It's about a topic that matters in today's world. It is rotated in a simple way, but is all the more powerful for it.

Lack of diversity: parasite and Pain and fame may be the only films that add variety. Otherwise everything is white this year. There is no representation of blacks, women or the LGBTQIA community.

Unforgettable: It is inspiring to see how film people use the ceremony as a political platform. Especially when you consider how experts in India remain silent on important issues. Everything is transported here. They say something before a film is released and then remain silent. They won't stand up for their own audience. [I recall how] Tom Hanks acceptance speech for Philadelphia had me in tears. The way he identified and remembered the people who died for them [gay rights and AIDS activism] Root cause. I'm already getting emotional if I just think about it. It is also very dignified for the industry to come together to celebrate their films and talents. The way they recognize the entire industry as a family. Not an award in India has this sense of gravitas.

Deepti Gupta

Deepti Gupta

Deepti Gupta, actor

It's shocking that this year no women were nominated in the "Best Director" or "Best Camera" category. It's surprising in a country where the # MeToo movement has been more successful than others. The Oscars don't see the responsibility to put women in the foreground – [they must realise] Equal opportunities create equal representation, not just the other way around. Although I'm a big fan of Rodrigo Prieto (The Irishman) and Roger Deakins (1917) in the Cinematography category, I would have loved to see the name of Natasha Braier who was shooting favorite,

It is ironic that I met Jonas Holmberg, the director of the Goteborg Film Festival in Sweden, last week, where my documentary Shut up Sonawas invited to its Swedish premiere. It is one of the first A-list film festivals to pursue a 50:50 policy this year. Despite the initial discussions and reservations about choosing same-sex films, Holmberg said it was not difficult to find great films by women. Inspire other countries. I agree with Beth Janson of the National Film Board of Canada, who says that gender equality is critical to storytelling. Telefilm Canada has promised that half of the films will be made by women. I hope this will get through to the Oscars soon.

Juhi Chaturvedi

Juhi Chaturvedi

Juhi Chaturvedi, screenwriter

It's been a superior year for the cinema, right? Marriage history. The two popes or The Irishman, I mean, how do you choose between 1917 or parasite? in the parasite, the way [director] Bong Joon Ho is concerned with the ever-present inequality in society that allows one to hold onto hope and yet end it in such a pervasive, almost uncomfortable way that one cannot escape the introspection that it demands – that should do the cinema.

While I keep my fingers crossed parasiteI'm happy too, though Once upon a time in Hollywood or Marriage history Wins. The latter is such an honest and beautiful observation of a broken relationship. I laughed, I cried.

The show must go on: While people may be discussing the exaggerated existence of the Oscars, I enjoy every bit of it. Who wore what said what … Despite pomp and show, what comes out in the end is really superior content.

(From left to right) Rakul Preet Singh, Adivi Sesh and Chinmayi Sripada

(From left to right) Rakul Preet Singh, Adivi Sesh and Chinmayi Sripada

Rakul Preet Singh, actor

I am looking for 1917 to get the best picture. I saw a late night show. I thought it was another war movie, but I was impressed with how it was shot and edited to make it look like a single-shot movie. In the "Best Actor" category, I choose Joaquin Phoenix for joker, It is difficult to make an appearance where you empathize with a negative character. And I really liked Scarlett Johansson Marriage history and hope she wins in the Best Actress category.

Behind the hype: People can discuss whether it's worth the hype … for everyone. If you can stay up and watch Bigg boss, why not follow the Oscars?

Chinmayi Sripada, singer

Representation was an issue at the Oscars, which are mostly white and don't pay much attention to women. But what I like about the Academy Awards lately is the recognition of OTT platform films. This gives films that do not appear on the screen the opportunity to draw worldwide attention.

While I have to watch The IrishmanI am looking for the wonderful 1917, At least for cinematography, it should win. I also think that Kumbalangi nights should have been sent from India for the Oscars; The Malayalam cinema has produced some fantastic things in recent years that deserve recognition.

Adivi Sesh, actor and writer

I am aware that Joaquin Phoenix is ​​the leader for the best actor joker, He is also my favorite, although I would rate Heath Ledger's performance a step higher.

The big winner: I think Roger Deakins will win the best film award for 1917, There were moments when the film moved me emotionally, but instead of letting myself in for the experience, I watched the technical details and asked myself, “Wow! It's still the same shot. Maybe Sam Mendes wins the best director[tothe[for[zum[for1917]but for me, Dunkirk was a better war film.

Unforgettable: Among the speeches, I found Adrien Brody incredible when he was awarded Best Actor The pianist (2002).

(Fltr) Nimisha Sajayan, Roopa Rao and Lijo Jose

(Fltr) Nimisha Sajayan, Roopa Rao and Lijo Jose

Nimisha Sajayan, actor

joker will sweep the Oscars. I think Joaquin Phoenix will win the best actor award. It cannot be ignored this year. It is such a well-made film, be it the color palette, the sound design, the performances or the direction. After looking at it, I was at a high point for days.

Lijo Jose Pellissery, director

I think Joaquin Phoenix deserves the Best Actor Award. I liked the performances of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver in Marriage history, but joker looked more exclusive to me.

Roopa Rao, director

The history of the Oscars distinguishes them. It has been around for over 70 years. The associated gravity and the world of possibilities open up to the winner [is big], Although every award is a great encouragement, it is not right to compare the Oscars with what we have in India. They classify the films from the rest of the world into a category, so it's not even our subject that we can play in. In addition, the questions surrounding the Oscars cannot be discussed for us. We have a thousand topics here that we should focus on. What happens at the Oscars cannot be my priority, though [there’s plenty] stared at my face in my immediate room. Here too, gender representation is our greatest task. Isn't it so?

Ashwin Saravanan, director

My favourite is parasite, You can't put it into a genre. it is a thriller, a family drama and a black comedy at the same time.

The big winner: The obvious choice would be Joaquin Phoenix for joker, although I liked Adam Driver in Marriage history, Scarlett Johansson gave a breakout performance in Marriage history, also. It was made so subtle. She makes the big tentpole films and then something simple like Jojo Rabbit or Marriage history, Another film that deserves the same love is Ford vs. Ferrari, for his Hollywood-style filmmaking.

What is missing: Stunts is a category that deserves representation. People risk their lives just so you can have fun Fast and Furious and other tentpole films that focus on action. The academy has to react to this.

(Clockwise from above) Ashwin Saravanan, Radhika Apte, Rima Das and Sriram Raghavan

(Clockwise from above) Ashwin Saravanan, Radhika Apte, Rima Das and Sriram Raghavan

Radhika Apte, actor

Jojo Rabbit is a film that blew me away; it made me cry. Another incredible movie was 1917, Of course I liked it joker also and I'm looking forward to it Little woman, I don't know which winner to choose, but Jojo Rabbit is a remarkable watch.

Rima Das, director

I am looking for parasite win. I found the film very unique; it surprises you, exposes you to conflicting thoughts and moves you. The Oscars give films worldwide recognition, but where we go below is visibility. Indian films suffer from a lack of marketing and advertising on a global scale. Whether your film wins the Oscars or not is secondary to having a fair chance helps a good marketing campaign. Village rock stars had a dream run, was an outsider, and then went all the way to the Oscars. The Oscars trip is a memory that I will always cherish.

Sriram Raghavan, director

1917 will sweep the Oscars, and Phoenix for joker is a foregone conclusion. parasite is awarded the prize for the best international feature and is a good candidate for his script. I loved Ford vs. Ferrari and Knife out; The latter was able to win the script. I would also like to Once upon a time in Hollywood, but only Brad Pitt will get an Oscar for it. It's too forgiving and a personal film [for the Academy], The Irishman, I thought was too much of deja vu. I got up at 5:30 a.m. to see the Oscars. Slumdog millionaire Winning the award was a great moment, especially since I also wanted to adapt Vikas Swarups questions and answers [on which the film is based],

I'm not looking at the red carpet, I'm looking at the ceremony. It's a habit, but I get a thrill. I have to see it live and not later in the news. In the past, more time was spent on awards and speeches, now it is getting shorter and shorter. I remember Billy Wilder, Akira Kurusawa and John Huston, all on one stage.

– With input from Sangeetha Devi Dundoo, Saraswathy Nagarajan, Srinivasa Ramanujam and Srivatsan S