Packers and Seahawks meet in the NFC title game

<pre><pre>Packer and Seahawks meet in the NFC division round: what you need to know

The quarterback, an MVP candidate, looked like the version of himself that the Packers are very familiar with. In 2014, he robbed them of their trip to the Super Bowl with a hectic comeback in Seattle. Now he was here at Lambeau Field and took over his 23 to play at 4:54 and at 5 he was looking for a throw that would drive a dagger into the hearts of the home crowd – as the two outlines Green Bay moments like this had been decided for themselves.

After a completion put the Seahawks at 37, Za’Darius Smith appeared first and forced Wilson to throw incompleteness. Then Preston Smith fired Wilson into third place to force the Seahawks to vomit, and that was enough for Aaron Rodgers, the faded but not wiped out star of the Packers. The Green Bay offense took Wilson and the Seahawks 2:41 off the field, securing a 28:23 win and a date with the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC championship game next week.

The division round was one of the wildest playoff rounds recently – the weekend's biggest outsiders beat the Super Bowl favorites, and the reigning NFL MVP eliminated a 24-point deficit to score a 20-point win – and yet the chaos in Green Bay in the second half declined reassuring predictability. The Seahawks have not won at Lambeau Field since 1999. That applied to the tailgate and on the way home.

The Packers' win may be a good sign for the best 49ers who put the Packers under pressure 37: 8 at Levi’s Stadium in late November. The Niners go well with Green Bay, play at home and have an extra day off before the NFC championship game on Sunday afternoon.

But the packers believe they can defy expectations and they show why Sunday with a diverse, dangerous offense. They relied on a balanced approach with Rodgers at the center and Aaron Jones from behind. They kept finding their best playmaker, wide receiver Davante Adams, while mixing in unexpected twists like reverse pitch or a quarterback sneak. They prevented Superstar Pass-Rusher Jadeveon Clowney from ruining the game with creative safeguards.

The Packers' lead at the 21: 3 half looked like a death knell. Wilson had never won at Lambeau and his numbers here were among the worst in his career. Then the Seahawks stopped trying to establish the run and everything changed.

Wilson and his team marched 69 yards after first possession of the ball in the third quarter, which Marshawn Lynch ended with a touchdown run of one yard. The Packers responded with a 40-yard touchdown pass from Rodgers to Adams – their second goal in the game – but Wilson looked unimpressed. He broke away from hands that might have pulled him down for a sack and extended the game. He sprayed passports on a star rookie (Wide Receiver D.K. Metcalf) and a stranger (Travis Homer). Wilson went on a second long goal drive and threw Tyler Lockett a 7-yard touchdown pass, and then a third that ended with another 1-yard run from Lynch.

The Packers ended the two-point switch attempt at 9:33 after Lynch's second save, but the Seahawks were only five points behind. Rodgers tried to take matters into his own hands and tried to keep Wilson out of the field, but he stopped at Seattle 48. The Packers needed their defense.

The unit once relied on flashing pressure, but the Smiths had changed that. The couple helped lower the team's percentage from the top five in the league to the last five, keep pressure constant, and terrorize Wilson on Sunday. The Smiths beat or pillaged him all night, sometimes in second place, to speed up the journey. And so on this last trip, Za’Darius Smith and Preston Smith had the chance to bottle the quarterback, which had left a sour taste in their teammates' mouths not so long ago.

Then Rodgers extended the Packers' last trip with a long pass to Adams. It exhausted the Seahawks' timeouts and finally the watch. The sideline soon emptied and the packers allowed themselves an additional rush.

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