Patrick Mahomes' youth is the focus of the Super Bowl

<pre><pre>Patrick Mahomes' youth is the focus of the Super Bowl

MIAMI GARDENS – The youth should inherit the NFL.

24-year-old Patrick Mahomes is the second-youngest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl. Ben Roethlisberger was 23 when he won his first Super Bowl for the Steelers.

Mahomes joins Cowboys, who return Emmitt Smith as the only player who has ever won a Super Bowl and NFL MVP before they turned 25. Mahomes was named the most valuable player in the league in 2018. Mahomes is the youngest quarterback Super Bowl MVP to win at 24 years and 138 days.

Mahomes & # 39; eleven post-season touchdown passes without a career start were most for a quarterback in the Super Bowl era. The series ended when he intercepted in the third quarter.

The Chiefs are the first team to be 10 points or more behind in three postseason games and win the Super Bowl. They won all three games with more than 10 points.

49er's close end George Kittle was stunned by the loss.

"Yes, that's exactly how it feels, unbelief," he said.

At half-time, 49er quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was already trying more passes (11) than in the entire NFC championship game when he only threw eight passes against the Packers. 49ers rookie Deebo Samuel's 32-yard run at the 49ers opening series was the longest in Super Bowl history by a wide audience. In the beginning of the third quarter, Samuel won 14 yards at one end to give him 53 rushing yards. This broke the Super Bowl record for most shipyards from a broad receiver. Percy Harvin had 45 meters for the Seahawks in 2014.

Garoppolo was only the second 49er quarterback to ever catch a Super Bowl and join Colin Kaepernick. Hall of Famers Joe Montana (four) and Steve Young (one) teamed up to five Super Bowls and never threw an interception. Garoppolo turned into his second interception on his last attempt, a wave of despair with the game already decided. Garoppolo in the second half was only 11 out of 20 for 120 meters.

The 49ers ran the ball well (22-141), but not enough as they only had the ball 26:47 in the attack. … Tackled 49er Joe Staley had a hand injury in the third quarter and was replaced by newcomer Justin Skule. Staley was able to return in the fourth quarter.

Niner's coach Kyle Shanahan won a 6:57 replay challenge and denied a 16-yard catch from Tyreek Hill. It was a big reversal because the repetition showed that the ball hit the grass before Hill secured it.

Former Jet Mike Pennel played a key role for the Chiefs in the first half. The defensive duel hit Garoppolo and forced Garoppolo to speed up his throw. Bashaud Breeland had intercepted him at the beginning of the second quarter. The chiefs scored a field goal after the election. Pennel was the only former jet in the game. He played for the Jets in 2017-18. Darron Lee, former first round winner of the Jets, was inactive, as was corner ball Morris Claiborne, who spent two years with the Jets. Raheem Mostert, who was 49, spent six days in the Jets training team in 2016, but was never in the active squad.

Creative Andy Reid used an old-fashioned single wing formation to set up the game's first touchdown. RB Damien Williams scored the fourth and first goal from the Niners' 5-yard line to score four yards, and the Chiefs scored two games later.