Patriots vs. Texans: The Three Keys to the Game

<pre><pre>Patriots vs. Texans: The Three Keys to the Game


Here are the three keys to Saturday night's AFC playoff game between the New England Patriots and the Tennessee Titans:

Ryan goodbye

The best matchup characters are Titan's CB Logan Ryan, a patriot for his first four seasons, covering Julian Edelman, Tom Brady's favorite goal. Ryan has defended four interceptions, 4.5 sacks, 18 passes and 113 tackles. Edelman has 100 receptions for 1,117 yards and six touchdowns.

"They're both very talented players who pay when you make a mistake," said Brady. "You know each other very well. I will be very aware of where [Ryan] So I'm not making a mistake that is causing us a big problem. "

Will experience count?

Bill Belichick's 31 playoff victories are the greatest in NFL history. Brady is 30-10 in the playoffs, while the other 11 quarterbacks have 26 wins this postseason. This is the first career playoff game for Titan coach Mike Vrabel and his QB Ryan Tannehill, who is playing in his seventh season. The Patriots are under Belichick in their first postseason as a starter with 11: 0 against QBs. So experience could play an important role.

"As great as all these other games were, they won't help us win this game," said Brady. "I think knowing what to expect can be a bit helpful if you use the experience wisely, but it won't help me get a pass [Saturday], ''

Oh henry

As good as Tannehill was, Derrick Henry is the one who triggers the titan's offense. The 6-foot-3, 247-pound Henry was NFL's fastest champion with 1,540 yards, a 5.1-yard average, and 16 TDs. Despite a thigh injury before the season finale, Henry rushed for 211 meters and three TDs to 32 wears. The patriots ranked sixth in the league in quick defense and were only 95.5 meters per game. So that should be a great addition.