Paul Rudd is the Supers fan of the Chiefs for the Super Bowl 2020

<pre><pre>Paul Rudd is the Supers fan of the Chiefs for the Super Bowl 2020

Few people are more excited about the Kansas City Chiefs' participation in the 2020 Super Bowl than Paul Rudd.

He is the famous super fan for the Chiefs, who are competing against the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years after defeating Tennessee Titans Sunday (35:24) in the AFC Championship Game – for Rudd one was spiritual leaders of the chiefs.

Eric Stonestreet, a fan of Rudd and other prominent chiefs, was hyped before the game in a video shared on the chiefs' Twitter account.

The 50-year-old Ant-Man star was less than a year old when the Chiefs last appeared in the Super Bowl when they defeated the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV. Rudd attended junior high and high school in Kansas and, like all other Chiefs Kingdom, yearned for a chance to root his team in the big game.

Now he's going to get this chance thanks to Patrick Mahome's tremendous accomplishment, where he had 294 yards and three touchdowns, and 53 rushing yards, including a 27-yard rushing TD.

Rudd celebrated after the game with the bosses on the field and hugged Travis Kelce – whose shirt Rudd was wearing – and was then in the locker room.

The celebrations recalled a moment from the show "Hot Ones", a now famous meme in which Rudd host Sean Evans says with a smile: "Hey, look at us". Evans says, "Who would have thought that?" Before Rudd says, "Not me!"

And it happened in real life when several reporters said Rudd had repeated the meme.

Who would have thought that? The chiefs are finally back in the Super Bowl and Rudd will ride with them.