People are now wearing their bedding as fashion amid coronavirus pandemic


They are testing the coronavirus depression.

From cutting bangs to turning their rooms into virtual zoos, bored isolationists have come up with increasingly troublesome ways to avoid coronavirus cabin fever.

But few compare to social media influencer Conor McKenzie, who staged an elaborate parade during the running of the bulls while wearing nothing more than a blanket, as seen in a scintillating Facebook video with more than 5 million views.

“I have this really beautiful blanket in my bed, it was like he was letting me see if I can play,” McKenzie, 25, told The Post, adding that he wanted to “bring a smile to people’s faces.”

The resulting 1-minute video uploaded on Tuesday for Conor’s 300,000 Gram followers shows the New York City-based model strutting around the house while sporting the same blanket in seven different ways. In one take, McKenzie can be seen strutting up to the refrigerator in the blue velvet bedding she has cleverly arranged to form a flowing ascot.

Then the music changes and the soloist from “Bad Boys of Dance” seductively turns to the camera while wrapped in a makeshift superman cape.

McKenzie tells The Post that he originally wore the blanket to entertain himself during the closure. However, a compliment from his roommate inspired the dancer to create a dazzling home fashion show with the blanket.

It goes without saying that the impromptu contest of the brand ambassador has gone viral, accumulating almost 300,000 visits on Instagram and a lot of compliments from fashion lovers on social networks.

“Once again, the lgbt community blesses us with the best greedy content,” flattered a ‘Gram fan.

“Coming soon to Next in Fashion,” commented another of McKenzie’s “general statement.”

But in reality, McKenzie walked so that a completely different squad of bedding could run. Other isolated Instagram users have turned to dressing in their bedding in a ridiculous trend called “#thequarantinepillowchallenge”. They are turning their pillows into an edgy look, complete with tight designer belts.

Call it chic quarantine.

The viral trend allows Grammers to dress without getting out of bed.

The challenge is the bed, the bathroom and beyond crazy.

A couple who duvets together stays together.