"Pick 5 critics …": P Chidambaram's advice to the Prime Minister on citizenship law

<pre><pre>"Indians Innocent, Believe Anything": P Chidambarams Swipe At Government

& # 39; Pick 5 critics ... & # 39;: P Chidambaram's advice to PM on citizenship law

P Chidambaram attacked PM Modi today because of his Sunday address. (File)

New Delhi:

In the midst of widespread protests against the amended citizenship law across the country, Congress Leader P Chidambaram Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a "proposal" in a series of tweets today, a day after PM Modi said that the new law would not deprive citizenship of anybody. , PM Modi should "select five of its most articulate critics" and "hold a question-and-answer session with them on television," said the congressional leader.

PM Modi relied on Mahatma Gandhi on Sunday, referring to the new law, which for the first time in the country's history, is testing citizenship of religion. "The Citizenship Act is not intended to wrest citizenship, but to confer citizenship. After independence, Mahatma Gandhi ji and other great leaders of the time all believed that India should give citizenship to religious minorities persecuted in Pakistan, "he said on the second day of his visit to Kolkata.

In a series of tweets, P Chidambaram today attacked the Prime Minister through his Sunday address. "PM says that CAA should give citizenship, not take it away. Many of us believe that CAA (in conjunction with NPR or NRC) will declare many people as" non-citizens "and take away citizenship," he wrote in one other post.

The 74-year-old congress leader, who is on bail in the INX media case, then submitted a "proposal" to PM Modi. "The only way out for the prime minister is to pick five of his most astute critics and have a TV Q&A session with them. Let people listen to the discussion and come to their conclusions about the CAA," he tweeted.

"I sincerely hope that the Prime Minister will respond positively to this proposal," he continued.

Mr. Chidambaram's statements come days after the Congress Working Committee, or CWC – the party's highest decision-making body – passed a resolution against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA). "The CAA is a discriminatory and divisive law. The sinister purpose of the law is clear to every patriotic, tolerant, and secular Indian: it is to divide the Indian people from a religious perspective," said Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi at the meeting.

Massive protests against the Citizenship Act have taken place in recent weeks. The law, along with a National Register for Citizens (NRC) to identify illegal immigrants, is designed to target Muslims, feel protesters like activists, politicians, and many celebrities.

The government says the citizenship law will help non-Muslim minorities from three Muslim-dominated countries – Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh – to easily become Indian citizens if they fled to India before 2015 due to religious persecution due to religious persecution.

Opposition parties meet today against the backdrop of student protests, the controversial Citizenship Act and the NRC Citizenship List.