Postman of cardiac arrest told doctors & # 039; I & # 039; I'm leaving & # 039;

James Watson

James Watson


Jimmy Watson had five cardiac arrests in rapid succession

A postman who had five cardiac arrests told paramedics "I'm leaving, I'm leaving" before saying "I'm back" after being revived.

Jimmy Watson, 57, was working at the Wisbech classification office in Cambridgeshire when he felt bad, so a colleague called 999.

A defibrillator was used 10 times, and during the hard test he updated the doctors.

A paramedic said it was "incredibly rare for someone in this state to have such lucid conversations."

Watson was doing his daily routine around 06:40 GMT on January 2, when he felt heat, sweat and unusual swelling, "as if he needed to burp," he said.

Shortly after his colleague called emergency services, he lost consciousness and suffered a cardiac arrest.

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Magpas Air Ambulance


Jimmy Watson with his wife, Alison, before suffering a cardiac arrest

An ambulance service paramedic resurrected him and a Magpas air ambulance was scrambled to take him to the Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge.

He suffered more cardiac arrests, somehow warned doctors about his condition, saying things like "it's happening again" before falling unconscious, and then saying "I'm back. I'm back."

The father of two children said he "owed his life" to the doctors who helped him and met one of the doctors, Dr. Antonia Hazelrigg, on Monday.

"Once upon a time I thought I had really died because it took me so long to return," he said.

"Then I started hearing voices and I thought & # 39; oh, I'm still here & # 39 ;, it was amazing."