Potentially dangerous asteroid that brought a surprise

2020BX12Feb20201 asteroid

Radar images from the Arecibo Observatory have shown that the asteroid called 2020 BX12, which passed Earth earlier this month, was a binary asteroid. This means that the large asteroid is orbited by a smaller asteroid. The larger asteroid was discovered on January 27 in an ATLAS survey (Asteroid Terrestrial-Impact Last Alert System). The alarm system is located in Mauna Loa, Hawaii. Because of its minimal intersection distance (MOID) and size, it has been classified as a potentially dangerous asteroid (PHA).

The secondary body was first observed on February 4 by the Puerto Rico Observatory. The larger asteroid was at least 165 meters in diameter, while the smaller moon-like asteroid was around 70 meters in diameter. According to the observations of the Arecibo Observatory on February 5, the two bodies were 360 ​​meters apart. The larger asteroid's MOID was 302,000 km from Earth, which meant it could get closer to our planets than our moon. But now that it is moving away from Earth and is not considered dangerous.

2020BX12Feb20201 asteroid

Photo credit: Planetary Radar Science Group

NASA has classified the 2020 BX12 under Apollo and means "near-Earth asteroid orbits crossing Earth's orbit, similar to that of 1862 Apollo (a> 1.0 au; q <1.017 au)." According to the agency, the 2020 BX12 was first observed in 2014 and most recently on February 7. The calculations also show that it will pass Mars in June this year.

On January 20, the 2020 AQ1 asteroid that came close to Earth was approximately 755 feet tall, larger than the tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. In December last year, an asteroid called the 2006 WH1, 1,772 feet in diameter, was also sighted near our planet and was classified as a potentially dangerous asteroid.

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