PPC campaign tutorial for Google Ads: profitable campaigns for local businesses (Beginner's Guide)


Beginner friendly PPC tutorial for Google Ads. Follow these simple steps to develop your first profitable search campaign.
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Adwords- PPC Advertising Playlist step by step:
Table of Contents:
0:08 – Introduction
0:38 – Product
2:34 – Keywords
6:57 – Announcements
11:23 – Optimize
12:02 – Create ad
22:04 – Outro

PPC campaign tutorial for Google Ads: create profitable campaigns from scratch for local businesses (Beginner's Guide)

Google PPC campaign tutorial: effective ways to promote a local business with pay per click campaigns

Google Adwords is a digital advertising platform created by Google (now Alphabet), where advertisers and small businesses pay to display pay-per-click ads on Google’s search results page and the largest display ad network .

Google Adwords is a tool through which you can run PPC campaigns and, on the other hand, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a model or term that means that the user must receive a payment when the customer clicks on their advertisements.

One of the best ways to create a PPC campaign is to create a free account and familiarize yourself with the platform. Once inside, you can create a simulated campaign and see if everything looks good for a quick test campaign.

Now, if you are looking to use Adwords to promote your e-commerce store locally, this is the google adwords ppc tutorial for you. This tutorial from the Google PPC Campaign 2019 will show you how to use Google Adwords for your local business.

Unlike Facebook ads that appear exclusively on Facebook in the news feed and on the right side, the Google Adwords advertising system allows advertisers and entrepreneurs to bid on selected keywords so that their clickable ads appear on the Google search results or on websites in the visualization network.

Within each campaign are your ad groups. Ad groups are the second highest level account item. For example, you may be running a single campaign with holiday themes to capitalize on year-end online shopping trends, and this campaign could contain two ad groups: one for winter clothes and one for winter sports teams outdoor.

To optimize PPC campaigns, it is essential to analyze the keywords and ads that give you a high return on investment (ROI) and those that do not. Tracking your conversions will not only help you manage your ads and keywords correctly, but you can also make the necessary changes to optimize your pay per click campaigns accordingly. Keywords with high competition tend to have a higher cost per click than keywords with low competition.

Once your campaigns are created and you are working to improve conversions, the work does not end. With your live campaigns, you must continually monitor the performance of your ad groups and ad variations as you accumulate data.

Be sure to keep watching the Google Adwords Tutorial for beginners like this and always look for ways to make changes to your account to try. This will help ensure that you succeed with your Adwords advertising in 2019 onwards.

Follow this tutorial guide of the ppc campaign when you begin to greatly improve your chances of success.

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