PPC tutorial for beginners | Introduction to pay per click


Fundamentals of pay per click (PPC) – Introduction to PPC
This video will help you learn, what PPC is often known as pay per click or search pays, even SEM.
With PPC, advertisers can reach the public they want and often with the budget they want. It is one of the most efficient forms of digital marketing, and this video will provide a clear explanation of the basics behind this extraordinary channel.

So here are the basic things taught in this lesson:
• How PPC can generate valuable and measurable traffic without wasting valuable advertising expenses
• What is paid search or PPC advertising?
• Distinguish paid search results and organic search results.
• Learn how graphic advertising can complement paid search advertising
• List the situation in which PPC could benefit a digital marketing strategy
• What is the PPC cycle and the multiple steps involved in the PPC cycle?
• PPC use cases
• Advantages of PPC
• Three Rs of PPC

Basic pay per click (PPC) course:

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