Present your startup at TC Sessions: Mobility 2020

<pre><pre>Present your startup at TC Sessions: Mobility 2020

Do you remember when "mobility" meant laptops and cell phones? Those were quaint times. Now the category includes the future of transportation – from flying cars and autonomous vehicles to delivery bots and more. There's no better place to explore this fast-paced industry than TC Sessions: Mobility 2020, our one-day conference on May 14th in San Jose.

And there's no better place to showcase your early-stage mobility startup. Consider the following: More than 1,000 of the most intelligent technologists, engineers, founders and investors from mobility will be present to explore the future of this rapidly developing technology. So buy an early-stage startup exhibitor package and place your company directly on the way to this group of enthusiastic influencers.

Your exhibitor package includes a 30-inch high boy table, electricity, bed linen, signage – and four tickets to the event. You and your team can get your startups on their feet, take advantage of a hyper-focused network and still enjoy the presentations and workshops at the event.

We are currently building our agenda and have just started announcing speakers at regular intervals. If you know someone who should be on stage at this event? Hit us up and nominate a speaker here.

We have already told you that Waymos Boris Sofman and Ike Robotics & # 39; Nancy Sun will join us. We are pleased that Reilly Brennan, founding partner of Trucks VC, a start-up venture capital fund for entrepreneurs, will also be on our stage. Brennan's numerous investments include May Mobility, Nauto, NuTonomy, Joby Aviation, Skip and Roadster.

Will your startup be his next investment? Stranger things have happened.

TC Sessions: Mobility 2020 takes place on May 14 in San Jose, California. Spend a full day researching the art and science of mobility and don't miss the opportunity to introduce influential makers and shakers to your startup. The mobility industry is experiencing troubled times, and it is faster than the race to market a functioning flying car. Buy an early stage startup exhibitor package and you can take your business to a whole new level.

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