Product Hunt launches the beta of YourStack, a home for your favorite things

<pre><pre>Product Hunt launches the beta of YourStack, a home for your favorite things

The team behind Product Hunt launches a new social network called YourStack, a platform that aims to bring people with passion for products together and help them find out what their friends love.

"It's simple: You just have to search and create a batch of the products you love," said Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt, to TechCrunch. "We wanted to make sure it wasn't just software, but games, books, and beauty products as well."

The YourStack catalog doesn't offer every product under the sun, but if it's a technical object, a start-up service, an app, or a direct-to-consumer thing, you can probably "stack" it. Once you've added it to your profile, you can write a brief description and share some tips and tricks you've learned about the product in question.

Product Hunt was acquired by AngelList a little over three years ago and since then Hoover and Co. have expanded the platform to a point of contact for manufacturers who want to bring technical products to the market. The 20-strong team is now dividing their time between Product Hunt and YourStack, hoping that the new company can lead to a platform that focuses more on people and the products they use. While a social network that relies solely on the multinational brands that people love is something I would like to hear about Bernie Sander's thoughts, it is clear that there is an open opportunity here.

Social media platforms like Instagram have given influencers a huge platform for paid product advertising, but with so much shilling, consumers can't trust the recommendations enough. Platforms like Twitter have been great in the technology industry, but there is no user interface for them, so you need to be in the right place at the right time, and the tech guys are too busy thinking about these great product insights.

When YourStack starts, who knows what it could eventually become, but the goal seems to be to give users access to more personal product recommendations. On the product development side, Hoover believes that YourStack can provide some excellent quality data that manufacturers can use to understand how customers use what they have created.

The product is currently in beta with a waiting list that already includes several thousand users. According to Hoover, the current goal is to get feedback.

"With many social media products, you don't know how people use them when they start," says Hoover TechCrunch. "We had a very similar approach when we launched Product Hunt by making more people aware of it every day. It really helped it grow slowly instead of making people experience a bad experience."