PullRequest blocks the remote developer recruitment platform Moonlight if a startup buys a startup

<pre><pre>PullRequest blocks the remote developer recruitment platform Moonlight if a startup buys a startup

PullRequest, a startup that offers Code Review as a service, announced today that it is buying Moonlight, an early stage startup that has built an online platform for hiring remote developers. The companies did not share the terms.

Lyal Avery, founder and CEO of PullRequest, says he bought this company to expand his range of services. "Our platform is in a place where we are very confident of being able to identify problems. We are moving on to the next phase, where problems are automatically fixed. To do this, we need to have access to people who produce code. With the developers on our platform, who are currently reviewers, and Moonlight employees, we can begin to fix the issues we identified and connect them to our learning processes, ”said Avery.

This fits the company's vision of automating common corrections. Work is currently underway to create machine learning models to facilitate this automation. moonlight PullRequest provides access to the platform's data, which can be used to train and perfect the beta models on which the company is working.

Avery says his vision is not to replace human developers, but to make them faster and more efficient than today. He says that it takes an average of six hours from when a bug in the website code is found to when it is fixed. He wants to reduce this to 20 minutes and believes that buying Moonlight will provide him with more data to achieve this goal faster, while expanding the range of services from code review to troubleshooting.

It's quite uncommon for a startup that, according to Crunchbase data, has raised just over $ 12 million to buy for another, but Avery sees buying small businesses like Moonlight as an excellent way to fill gaps in the platform close while offering an easier way to expand.

Moonlight is a small shop with only two employees, both of whom will switch to PullRequest. However, there are 3000 developers on the platform that PullRequest can now access. Avery currently says the companies will remain separate and Moonlight will continue to operate its own website under the PullRequest umbrella.

Based in Brooklyn, Moonlight triggered an unidentified pre-seed round before it was acquired today. Austin-based PullRequest was a member of the Y Combinator Summer 2017 cohort. In December 2017, $ 2.3 million was raised, and in April 2018 another $ 8 million was raised.