Question mark about Tis Hazari violence between lawyers and Delhi police


I am in this enviable position in my current state. I was a civil servant who held the position of Undersecretary of State (Internal Security) at the Home Office, which is essential for law and order in the country, among other things. Later I also held the position of Deputy Country and The Development Representative now registered as a lawyer on the Delhi Bar Council after my voluntary retirement. Incidentally, it is these three institutions that are involved in this whole saga.

First, it is known that the Tis Hazari Courts become crowded with acute lack of space over time. A large room leading to the storage room was used informally by the Delhi police to unload and pick up the prisoners who were brought to court on the day of their respective hearings. Therefore, to say that the property belonged to the Delhi Police cannot apply unless the Delhi Police is able to produce an allotment from the PWD of Delhi.

The Delhi police also have these records of illegal land claims and unauthorized construction on the land that they can use to perform their duties with impunity. Anyone can affirm this with an illegal police station located at a prominent intersection in Dwarka or in one of the most important markets in Delhi.

The structures first appear in the porta cabin and later transformed into permanent structures. A police post has even appeared in the sacrosanct intersection of Rajpath / Rafi Marg on the edge of Rail Bhawan. Therefore, this type of crouching and usurping country by the Delhi Police is a pattern that is very striking.

As Land & Development Officer in the Ministry of the Interior, I had to reconcile such cases. If someone crawls through the newspaper archives about two decades ago, they may also have the option of reporting to a private individual that police officers have left their country. In this way, the overall premise of the Delhi Police would be stronger if it could present an allotment letter from an authority that would assign them this country to park their prison vehicle.

In addition, lawyers as professionals have this challenging situation of commuting between courts every day. Given the distances between the Supreme Court, various district courts of Dwarka, Rohini, Patiala House, Karkardooma and Tis Hazari, and traffic in Delhi, lawyers who shuttle from one court to another are always under pressure.

Mind you, they are the areas with the highest traffic density during working hours, so wading through traffic is a challenge. I understand that the lawyer who is the center of this episode commuted from the Karkardooma court to Tis Hazari to meet the 2:00 pm hearing. He got out of his car and before giving instructions, the policeman picked up a fight with the lawyer.

Challenged by the fact that the police and law enforcement officers picked him up and cleaned it up before pushing him into the adjacent castle, it failed. According to the version of my close colleagues who were present on site, other lawyers tried to release him. This started the argument that triggered many unpleasant events.

Instead of dispelling the situation, the Additional DCP ordered a warning shot that failed and resulted in the lawyer and another Brotherhood representative being hit. This triggered further abusive reactions and intensified reactions, with offenders also going to battle. The judicial investigation will surely bring the facts to light. However, there were several judges who terminated their hearings when they learned of the excitement and asked the police to stop the charges against the lawyers. Justice Dharmesh Sharma had made fierce appeals. These are all fully aware of the judges present and tried to spread the situation.

It became a kind of eyewitness account of the judicial officer who tried to alleviate the situation and whose demands were not followed, leading to the High Court's decision. So it is not correct to say that the High Court's order was partisan. If senior police officers had followed the judges' appointment and then given their opinion to the High Court, the High Court would certainly have taken this into account.

However, the High Court's order was still quiet in that the dismissal was confirmed by an injury to two lawyers, as was the outbreak of the prison that the police should have relied on before the High Court. I also don't know if the Delhi police stood before Judge Pinki's preliminary investigation on November 3, 2019.

From this it can be clearly concluded that what happened on November 2nd, 2019 was unfortunate and could have been handled better. The staff who started the lawyer allegation of parking violations should have turned to their line manager to resolve the issue, rather than engage in the dispute. The additional DCP that allegedly ordered the release should also be held accountable.

In addition, there is a fake lawyer threat in Tis Hazari, and raids are common, but some of them reappear. The police officers only help them return and also restore them by forwarding bail cases with a share of the fees. Based on their experience, these fake lawyers have been able to secure a deposit for their clients, which is loosely refused by the same police personnel. This unholy alliance that exists can be verified.

But more importantly, it should have rested on that. But it didn't happen. Reports pointed to social media posts with video clips of a lawyer who beat up police officers on Monday. The attacker was wearing black pants and a white shirt. But look closely at the attacker. He wears his pants below his waist as if he were entering a mall or going to the disco. I can assure you that no lawyer will ever wear his clothes this way, even outside of court. It is therefore necessary to check whether he is a lawyer at all. The way he wears his clothes makes him look very non-juristic.

In addition, and I am wrong, the police personnel did not seem to have any pain or discomfort that anyone who was attacked would reflect. He looked very relaxed. After the helmet was thrown at him, no one looked for the helmet. Therefore, this piece of evidence should be examined with certainty whether the attacker was a lawyer at all and whether he had managed to show the Delhi police as a victim on stage.

This must be seen in the context in which the police are protesting today. We are aware that Article 33 of the Constitution of India expressly prescribes the right to form an association, to strike, etc., police officers and others who are involved in law and order.

In addition, the chain of command in practice is such that no policeman or security guard dares to disobey his seniors, and it has been shown that this tendency not to disobey also suppresses their own desires / requirements, which can be found in one Study concludes that this is the reason brotherly murders of security guards in stressful operations. The dictation in the police force is like the line from AL Tennyson's poem "Charge of the Light Brigade", which reads: "Not to justify why, not to question, but to do and die." It is also a record of the police and security forces that the family should also participate in police functions once the orders are issued. Has the staff and their families received the informal order to perform this drama?

The fact that repeated requests from the police commissioner, the police special commissioner, two joint police commissioners to be rejected, spurned and disregarded is therefore like putting the cart in front of the horse and asking to be driven. Unless it is again a staged show with full consultation of the highest police levels in Delhi. Damaged by the High Court, they are part of the show and have managed to get some public sympathy and pressure on the High Court to review its order.

However, several items were sanctioned at various locations in Delhi after the September 2008 attack. However, many of the positions were not filled on the pretext that no suitable candidate was found to be eligible. However, it was later noted that senior Delhi police officers after the completion of qualified service for their next higher grade used these vacant posts as compensation items to gain an upgrade in their respective positions. According to the Indian government, this is the case. If you want to create an item, you must demonstrate consistent savings due to the transfer of other items in the organization. In these proposals, the respective officer post, along with a police post that they had previously considered unsuitable, is shown as abandoned. I hope that using the lower police personnel will not repeat this self-glorification if you take this as an opportunity.

What is more frightening, however, is that I fear that the incident of November 2, 2019 happened spontaneously, but that political units also intervened to embarrass the surveillance government of the Delhi police force? A piquant position is that the Delhi police may be under the supervision of the Home Office, but their lawyer is appointed by the Delhi government, because if the version of the Delhi police had been seriously presented, we might have been given a different order ,

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are the personal views of the author and do not reflect the views of ZMCL.)