Raashi Khanna: Yamini in "World Famous Lover" is the toughest character I've played so far

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Raashi Khanna laughs heartily when we raise the subject of her new film, World famous lover, “We (in relation to the film team) all have a good laugh; Everyone has their own perspective and misses the teaser. Some think it is Arjun Reddy 2, some people think it's an anthology, some others think it could be a character's journey – like Care of Canary Chapals, It's funny to see these reactions, but we prefer to stay up to date with our film, ”she says when we have an interview.

As expected, she doesn't want to talk about her character Yamini and says that everything she says will spoil the game: "When people watch the film, they learn that it is a nice story and a nice script. All girls (she, Aishwarya Rajesh, Catherine Tresa and Izabelle) have great roles, ”says Raashi.

The joy that Raashi exudes during the interview is more than just a reflection of her current mood and the excitement about her upcoming film. This also has to do with the type of roles that are offered to her Tholi Prema, Most recently she crashed the house as TikTok star Angel Aarna directed by Maruthi Prati Roju Pandage, Before she talks about this film, she goes back to Anil Ravipudi Highest (2016), where she tried comedy for the first time: "I didn't know that I could do comedy. Anil [Ravipudi] told me that I had good comic timing. I am not a trained actor and at the beginning of my career I was shy and not very free from my emotions. You have to get rid of your inhibitions for the comedy. "

Raashi Khanna and Vijay Deverakonda in a still from World Famous Lover

Raashi Khanna and Vijay Deverakonda in a still from World Famous Lover

Three years later than Prati Roju Pandage she was still not sure. She downloaded the TikTok app and enjoyed watching some of the fun videos. But she couldn't imagine making such videos. "I was afraid," says Raashi, "I told Maruthi that I can't be Aarna." The director convinced her and she accepted it as a challenge. You had a lot of comedy in Venky mom also alongside Vidyu Raman. On the set, her director Bobby said that her comic timing had improved and commented that one day she could become a director: “I don't have plans like this at the moment. But I understand a scene and improvise. I have a feel for what might work, and when someone like Vidyu Raman is around, it's easy to get comic scenes. "

World famous loverRaashi is expected to appear on February 14 in a role that contrasts with these fun parts. Raashi says it was cathartic to act in it WFL and go through Yamini's emotional journey: "There are times when I want to cry out my heart at night – about a lot of things – but I hold myself back because I can't shoot with swollen eyes the next morning. While I staged Yamini, I shed I [copious] Tears. Yamini is the toughest character I've played so far. "

Required seclusion

Raashi mentions that he is overwhelmed by the "reasonable and emotional" story and characters that director Kranti Madhav had in store. Based on the characters from Prabhavathi (in their debut film Oohalu Gusagusalade Directed by Srinivas Avasarala) and Varsha in Tholi Prema (by Venky Atluri) made her both excited and nervous: “I retired for 15 to 20 days before I started filming. I had to be alone. Yamini is going through a lot and I like how she stands up for herself with self-respect. If I had been in their situation, I might have reacted that way. I felt like I was showing my vulnerable side through Yamini. I would you. In this phase of my career, I not only want to achieve box office success, but also add value for a film. "

Raashi Khanna

She is aware of the obsession with which some of her fans are up to WFL Teaser and says, "As soon as you have seen the entire film, you will be proud of what I did. After the teaser, you had problems with the Vijay dialogue [Deverakonda] says my shower shot and lovemaking. But those who notice my expressionless expression will know that Yamini has much more to offer. "

To WFLSigned Raashi Aranmanai 3 (Tamil), who likes to deal with the horror genre and talks for two Telugu films. But she's looking forward to the reactions WFLthat she is convinced will show her in a new light. She appreciates how Samantha is in charge of a number of interesting roles and says: "Actors like me will be convinced that leading women can play well-written characters."

The conversation is currently alternating between Oohalu… and Tholi Prema When Raashi was cast with multiple roles, she just had to be glamorous. "What can we do if writing limits us? People have to believe in you to offer good roles. I improvise with any material that is given to me. There are cases where I have spoken and said I cannot say lines that make a woman sound stupid. Some directors agree with me, others disagree. It's all part of the game, ”she summarizes.